February Gardening Tips 💡

We are inching closer and closer to spring! 

It’s not spring yet but I swear we can already smell it. February is another month of maintenance and preparation to help ensure a successful growing season. We are gearing up at the nursery with new shipments of gardening tools, seeds, water plants, and more! We’re also bringing on new team members to help better serve the Utah gardening community come March and April. 

If you think you, or someone you know, would make a great fit here at the garden center, make sure to send in an application

Here are some of our top monthly tips for February but definitely check out even more seasonal planting tips & tricks.


Prune Shade Trees Pruning Trees for your garden

The end of February is the time of the year to prune your shade trees because they are dormant and less susceptible to bugs and disease. You can also prune apple and pear trees. When you prune, you will cut off broken or dead branches and trim the top branches. Make sure that your cuts are angled and clean. Pruning your trees encourages new growth so your tree can provide even more shade in the summer month. 

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garden pond maintenance checkCheck Your Garden Ponds

There are a few things to keep an eye on in February when it comes to your pond. Make sure to check the heaters and aerators often to make sure that they are working properly. Ponds also must have a hole in the ice to release noxious gasses that form from decomposing matter in the pond. Pond owners will also want to check for ice dams. Ensure they are not forming on waterfalls or streams that might divert water level over the liner.

Related Viewing: In this video, Glover Nursery’s water garden manager, Shane, gives you a quick checklist to go through when preparing your pond for winter. Watch here



Pick Up Your Flower and Vegetable Seeds Flower and Vegetable Seeds for your garden


New seeds are rolling into the garden nursery all the time! Now is the time to look through plant catalogs for plants and ideas you may want to incorporate  like companion plantings into your garden beds. Order / come pick out your seeds or plugs now to get them started early indoors and for the best selection.

Growing plants from seeds is an exciting and fulfilling undertaking. If you haven’t done it before, Glover Nursery is here to help. Utah gardeners now’s the time to start your seeds inside (also known as seeding indoors). We’ve got you covered with all the tips and tricks (& seeds!). 


You may also check out our seasonal tip videos here. 

We are available for all of your gardening questions – that’s what we do! Come down and visit us at the garden center, give us a call, or reach out on social media.


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