Creative Gardening Pairings from Monrovia

Show Us Your Creativity with Gardening Pairings!

We have a special partnership with Monrovia and are big fans of their passion and expertise. Their commitment to “grow beautifully” shows with every plant they grow. This past week we had a fantastic conversation with George from Monrovia in our Glover Nursery Facebook Group. We learned so much from him and his passion and creativity for gardening were evident. Over the course of our live question and answer session he shared some creative plant pairings. These Monrovia selections here at Glover Nursery, will really make your garden pop!

Here are four gardening pairings that stood out to us: 

Red Fox Curly Sedge Grass and Salvias Red Fox Curly Sedge Grass and Salvias

Red Fox Curly Sedge Grass is a perfect neutral colored grass that looks beautiful with so many different plants. The grass has a reddish-brown foliage that gives off a beautiful bronze glow when backlit by the sun. The long grass brings movement to your garden and pairs well when planted near a Salvia plant with their colorful blooms. 

Purple Fountain Grass and Sun believeable Sunflower Purple Fountain Grass and Sun believeable Sunflower

The Sunbelieveable Sunflowers are so perfect for summer with their bright sunny blooms. These flowers can produce thousands of blooms every season, from first bloom to first frost. They are beautiful paired with the soft purple look of Purple Fountain Grass which is drought tolerant and easy to grow. Added bonus, Purple Fountain Grass is deer resistant too. 

You can find more deer resistant plants here.

Titan Skye™ Daylily and Veronique Rose VeronicaTitan Skye™ Daylily and Veronique Rose Veronica 

The Titan bloom from the Skye Series has delicate frilly petals, summer colors, and is super easy to care for, one of the reasons we love the Skye Series Daylilies.  They really pop when planted alongside the Veronique Rose Veronica with it’s spikes of rose-pink. This pairing also adds a fun tropical vibe to your garden, but unlike the tropical plants, these will come back year after year. 

Japanese Forest Grass and Hostas Japanese Forest Grass and Hostas

Get ready for a really dynamic pairing. Japanese Forest Grass makes for gorgeous ground cover and grows well in the shade. The leaves are bamboo like with their bright yellows and green stripes. Thin leaves also grow pinker as summer turns to fall. We love how they look next to the big green leaves of a Hosta plant. 


Check out the live interview with George, you can join our Glover Nursery Facebook Group. He had a ton of creative ideas for the garden. For even more creative plant pairing ideas come and speak to one of our experts here at Glover Nursery! We always love to help. 


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