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Our mission at Glover Nursery is to help inspire and create beautiful landscapes for our customers by having the best products available and sharing our knowledge and experience with our community. We are dedicated to securing our employees futures and encouraging growth by building stable careers through innovative learning, team building, and opportunities in a fun, familial work environment. We consider it a privilege to help work together to meet the needs of our customers, and strive to make Glover Nursery your #1 independent garden center in the Intermountain West.

History of Utah's First Family Nursery

Glover Nursery is one of the oldest and most established nurseries in the Salt Lake Valley. Situated on a property of 10 acres, Glover Nursery is a thriving retail and wholesale garden center who is known as “Utah’s First Family Nursery, where a love for plants runs deep”.
The first Glover in the nursery business was Albert Glover who was called to serve an LDS mission in his homeland of England. While in England, he became acquainted with Queen Victoria’s gardener and, from him, learned the fine art of cultivating, propagating and grafting trees and shrubs. Gardening became Albert’s passion in life and when he returned to Utah, he started Jordan Nursery on his farm in Midvale, Utah. Albert ordered many varieties of bareroot trees and shrubs which were shipped to him via steamship and rail; some of these varieties were the first of their kind to Utah, and in some instances, to the United States. Albert’s son, James, kept the family business going and when James’ four sons were of age, one took over Jordan Nursery while the others started their own, all within walking distance of the original. One of these nurseries was the first official Glover Nursery, started by Parley R. Glover, who ran the nursery with his son Parley W. Glover (known to all as ‘Ike’) until he passed.
Shortly after Parley R.’s passing, two of Ike’s sons, Rod and Bryce, original nursery license in hand, set out to start their own landscaping business which quickly transitioned into what is now Glover Nursery. Their 1-acre property was within a mile of the original nursery and thrived there until 1985 when Rod and Bryce purchased the current 10-acre property. The move to the new location opened up many opportunities for the Glovers to expand exponentially.
The next generation of Glover Nursery will be run by Rod’s son, Ryan Glover. Being a graduate of the University of Utah’s business program, as well as an avid horticulturist, Ryan brings new opportunities and insights to the nursery of how it can continue to grow and evolve with the continual changes in Utah’s environment and landscape. Another new element to the nursery in recent years is their active online platforms. Run by Ryan’s sister Regan Glover, this new avenue of outreach has helped connect the family-oriented business to their community in new and exciting ways.
The nursery continues to thrive and, during the busy season, employs over 90 people. Glover Nursery has become one of the biggest and best retail nurseries in Utah.
Glover Nursery offers hundreds of varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and water plants – including many hard to find varietals. They stock soils, mulch, decorative bark and rock as well as specialized water features, statuary and water gardening supplies. In addition, they specialize in seasonal items like vegetable starts, fall decor, Christmas trees, etc. which keep them open and busy helping customers year-round.
With 6 generations of Glovers in horticulture, 3 generations currently involved in the nursery, and a team whose collective experience equals over 200 years of knowledge and expertise, Glover Nursery is one of few that can say “When it comes to every aspect of the nursery business, we’ve done it all!”
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