Rock Kit Installation Instructions

Some step-by-step instructions to simplify the installation process of a pondless rock fountain.

For those that prefer Video instructions, here is the link for “How to Install a Drilled Rock Fountain”
Materials Included:
  • Pond Liner ( 45mm Black Rubber )
  • Underlayment ( Black Fabric )
  • Pump Housing ( 18″x18″x24″ Green Box with Lid )
  • Pump
  • PVC Manifold with Adjustable Valves
  • Black PVC Flexible Pipe
  • PVC Glue
  1. Using spray paint or a garden hose, measure and mark out the area for your water feature.
    Recommended Sizes:

    • 5′ Diameter (1 Rock Kit)
    • 5’x7′ Diameter (2 Rock Kit)
    • 8’x8′ Diameter (3 Rock Kit)
  2. Determine the placement for the pump housing.
    The pump housing should be placed on the side nearest to an electrical outlet and 8″-10″ in from the edge of the hole, allowing enough room for the placement of the drilled fountain rock.
  3. Begin the excavation of the hole.
    To accommodate the maximum amount of water, we recommend digging an even depth of 20” throughout the hole, this is the depth needed for the pump housing. If you are unable to dig a 20” depth throughout the entire hole, dig as deep as possible sloping the hole towards where the pump housing will be placed. The pump housing should be at the deepest level of the hole.
    Be sure to remove any sharp rocks or debris from the bottom of the hole to prevent puncturing the liner.
  4. Unfold and place the underlayment in the hole. This will need to be cut to fit your specific area. Note: Underlayment does not hold water; it protects the liner from damage.
  5. Carefully unfold and tuck the pond liner into the hole, making sure it overhangs a minimum of 6″ around the perimeter of the hole. DO NOT CUT THE LINER AT THIS TIME!
  6. Place the pump housing in the desired location following the guidelines in step 3. Fill hole in with between 10″-18″ of cobble (1.5″-3″ rock) depending on the size and stability of your fountain rock. Note: Taller fountain rocks may need to be buried more deeply in the cobblestone to ensure stability.
  7. Insert the black PVC flex pipe a minimum of 6” into the bottom of your fountain rock. For fountain rock(s) drilled on the side, fully insert the PVC flex pipe and then pull it back out 2-3” to allow proper water flow. Stand-up or place boulders in the center of the water feature. Once the fountain rock is placed, slide the opposite end of the PVC pipe through the pre-drilled hole in the pump vault.

    • For 2 or 3 rock-fountain kits make sure the pipe is long enough to reach the pump vault for each drilled rock.
    • Be sure the PVC flex pipe does not kink under the rock(s).
    • Black PVC pipe can be cut using a box knife or a pair of pruners.
  8. Connect the pump and PVC manifold and place them in the pump housing, make sure to remove any cobble that may have fallen into the housing during this step. Next, slide the electrical plug on the pump through the pre-drilled hole in the pump housing.
  9. Using PVC cement, connect the black PVC flex pipe and the PVC control valves on the top of the PVC manifold together. Be sure to make the connection(s) the same as the PVC sprinkler pipe.
  10. Fill in the reservoir with water until there is approximately 12″ in the pump housing. Plug in the pump and adjust the valves on the PVC manifold to desired flow out of the fountain rock(s).

    • Tilting the fountain rocks while adjusting is usually needed to achieve the best flow results.
  11. Fit the lid on the pump housing and top of the water feature with the remaining cobble. Carefully bury the electrical cord, but be sure not to bury it too deep. CUTTING THE ELECTRICAL CORD VOIDS THE MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY!
  12. Cut and/or tuck under any excess pond liner and underlayment away from the edge of the fountain. Do not cut the pond liner too low, it is better to leave extra and cover it with stone, than to cut too much off and have a leaky reservoir.
  13. Top off the fountain with water.
The Pondless Rock Fountain Installation is complete. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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