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Get ready to spring forward! Let's start planning your vegetable garden.

Even though Punxsutawney Phil said there would be 6 more weeks of winter, spring planting season will be here soon. 

In this blog, you’ll learn which vegetables will thrive in Utah and 3 harvest seasons to be aware of.

Vegetables that’ll flourish in Utah

When it comes to planning your vegetable garden, there are a number of growing styles to keep in mind to utilize your space effectively. Some of the most common are Root, Bush, and Vine.

Root vegetables, you guessed it, are the root of a plant. Some, like carrots, are taproots which will only yield one or two vegetables per seed or start. And some, like potatoes, are tubers that will yield multiples of a vegetable.

So, if you are growing taproot vegetables, you’ll need to plan for rows of multiple plants.  Although for tuber style, you can plant just a few starts for a hearty harvest.

Popular Utah Root Vegetables for home growing:

1 - Potatoes
2 - Beets
3 - Carrots
4 - Radishes

Bush vegetables grow on one plant that’ll stay in a shrub form throughout the season.  They are great options for smaller gardening spaces, or even for patio gardens.  

Great options for Bush-style cultivation:

1 - Tomato
2 - Beans
3 - Peppers
4 - Leaf Lettuce

Vine-grown vegetables tend to need more space, though some DIYers have found success with growing on trellises in smaller areas.

Fun vine vegetables to grow:

1 - Pumpkins
2 - Squash
3 - Pole Beans
4 - Zucchini

Plan with these 3 harvest seasons in mind

Every type of produce has a different growing season. You see, there are 3 categories to consider when you are planning so by the time you get to the harvesting, you have crops available on a rolling basis

Short-season vegetables:

Short-season goes from seedling to harvest in around 40 days and includes: 

1 - Arugula
2 - Lettuce
3 - Radishes
4 - Salad mix
5 - Spinach
6 - Turnips

These should be replanted again after the heat of summer passes for another crop later in the year.

Mid-season vegetables:

Mid-season goes from seedling to harvest between 40-80 days and includes (amongst many more): 

1 - Beans (bush and pole)
2 - Beets
3 - Bok choy
4 - Broccoli
5 - Cabbage
6 - Carrots
7 - Cauliflower
8 - Corn
9 - Cucumber
10 - Fennel
11 - Kale
12 - Peas
13 - Peppers
14 - Potatoes
15 - Summer squash
16 - Tomatoes

These make up the bulk of a garden to harvest in the summer, it is best to balance them with early and late harvests.

Late-season vegetables:

Late-season goes from seedling to harvest between 80-120 days and includes: 

1 - Asparagus
2 - Beans (dry)
3 - Brussels Sprouts
4 - Celery
5 - Garlic
6 - Melons
7 - Onions
8 - Peppers
9 - Pumpkins
10 - Shallots
11 - Sweet Potatoes
12 - Winter Squash

Though they take longer, they’re well worth the time and effort.

So are you ready to bring a little green into your life?

As planting season is around the corner, it's the perfect time to start planning your vegetable garden.

Don't worry if you're a seasoned or new gardener, Utah offers a bounty of options for your flourishing garden. You have hearty root, simple bush, and fun vine vegetables to choose from.

At Glover Nursery we have everything you need to get started, from soil and seeds to tools and expert advice. So you can enjoy a steady supply of fresh, delicious produce all three harvest seasons long.

Are you ready to try your hand at growing your own veggies this year?

Tell us what you plan to grow in our Glover Nursery Facebook Group. You may just get inspired by others who are cultivating their own bountiful gardens.

Hello fellow gardeners! It's hard to think of spring when we're surrounded by so much SNOW! But here we are, reminding you that no matter how much snow is on the ground it will melt away come spring. And when that happens, one of the most important steps in getting our gardens ready is starting our seeds. After all, the growing season is right around the corner!

There are a few things to consider when starting your seeds, including:

In this blog post, we'll explore all of these topics. You'll be prepared to start your seeds and have a successful growing season!

What Type of Seeds to Plant

First, let's talk about how to pick seeds for your garden.

When selecting seeds for your garden, it is important to consider what type of climate you live in. If you live in an area with a short growing season, as we do here in Utah, you will want to choose plants that can be started indoors and then transplanted outdoors. Some examples of plants that can be started indoors and then transplanted outdoors include tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and herbs.herb garden seeds

If you live in an area with a long growing season, you can start your seeds outdoors. Some examples of plants that can be started outdoors include squash, cucumbers, watermelons, and pumpkins.

It is also important to consider the amount of space you have available. If you have a small space, you can choose plants that thrive in containers or raised beds. Some examples include tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, herbs, and lettuce.

If you have a large space, you can grow just about any type of plant. However, it is still important to consider the amount of sunlight and water that your plants need.

Once you have considered these factors, you can choose the specific varieties of plants that you would like to grow. To find out more about specific plant varieties, consult a gardening book, online gardening resource or one of our experts here at Glover Nursery.

When to Start Your Seeds

Next, we move on to the all-important question of when to start your seedlings. Here at Glover Nursery, we recommend taking the last average frost date and counting backward as to how long that seed would need to germinate.

Our When To Start Your Seeds EquationAccording to the Farmer's Almanac, the average last frost date in West Jordan Utah is April 25. So, to get a good start ready for transferring outdoors we have an easy equation to help you. We recommend looking at how long something takes to germinate and adding a couple of weeks of growth onto that before transplanting it into the garden.

Here's a quick equation.

(Average Last Frost Date - Germination Time) + 2 Weeks = When to Start Your Seeds

Now that you know what to plant and when to plant it, you may be interested in learning how best to take care of your lil baby starts.

How to Start Your Seeds

There are a few key things to keep in mind when caring for your seedlings. The first is to make sure that they have enough light. Seedlings need a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight per day. If you do not have a place in your home that gets six hours of direct sunlight, you can use grow lights.

The second key thing to keep in mind when caring for your seedlings is to make sure that they have enough water. Seedlings should be watered daily, making sure to keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Finally, the third thing to remember when caring for your seedlings is to fertilize them regularly. Seedlings should be fertilized every two weeks with a balanced fertilizer.

If you're growing seeds for an herb garden we suggest you check out our blog post here. Herb gardens flourish with these specific guidelines.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your seedlings have a happy and healthy start to the growing season!

The seeds have arrived at Glover Nursery and we can hardly stand all the promise that the rows and rows of seed packets are giving off here.

If you're overwhelmed or looking to try something new this year we encourage you to stop by and chat with our knowledgeable staff. We love pointing out our favorite seeds for our local climate here in the Salt Lake City Valley. We may even have one or two surprises for the seasoned gardener.

Seedlings need a lot of care, but if you follow these simple tips you can ensure a happy and healthy start to the growing season!

Welcome to July, gardeners! Summer is in full swing and the days are heating up after a wet, cool spring. 

"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer."

~  F. Scott Fitzgerald  

Check these July gardening tips off your to-do lists. It’s always helpful to know what to do in the garden this month! If you missed our tips last month, you can find them here

Trees and Shrubs 

Temperatures are rising and insects are getting hungry! Keep an eye out for diseases and pests including powdery mildew, peach twig borers  (on peach, nectarine, cherry, and apricot trees), and codling moth (on apple and pear trees). The codling moth’s larvae are the ones to blame for wormy apples. 

Watch out for red spider mites. If you suspect that you may have spider mites, flick a branch or leaf onto white paper and look carefully to see if any of the specks move.

There are a few options when it comes to getting rid of spider mites. Consider using a hard spray of water to knock them back, dormant oil, or organic insecticides. 

Continue deep soaking newly planted trees and shrubs 2 to 3 times per week and fully established plants 2 to 3 times per month.  Check out our watering guide for more tips.


Remove faded flowers from annuals, perennials, and roses to promote re-blooming. Removing the spent flowers will encourage the plants to produce more and more beautiful blooms. 

It may not be your favorite chore, but keep up on the weeding! A little prevention by pulling them early prevents weeds from going to seed.  Once they go to seed they’ll start growing like…well, weeds. 

Give your Hanging baskets and planters a refresh. . They may need some sprucing up. Cut back overgrown plants and replace any spent plants as needed. A few pops of new color mixed in with the cleaned-up flowers will keep your planters and baskets looking as beautiful as the day you bought them.  

Hanging baskets may need extra water in the summer heat so test the soil in the morning and again in the evening. 


Keep your pond plants fertilized this summer. 

As you probably know, mosquitoes can be extra pesky this time of year and a pond may be a perfect breeding ground. To avoid a mosquito infestation, keep the water flowing and moving and use mosquito tablets to keep them away. 


A lot of folks are reducing (or even eliminating) lawn from their yards these days.  But, one thing to keep in mind - a healthy lawn does help to keep the yard cooler. 


Lawn care doesn’t have to use up excessive amounts of water. Creating a strong root system with healthy soil allows your lawn to look great with far less water than you might think.  Now is also a good time to apply products like Revive, Groundbreaker, Hydretain, and TurfMax - four products to help your lawn in the heat. 


  1. Ground Breaker - This product loosens compacted soil opening up pore space which allows for better water and air penetration.  It binds salt to itself and flushes it below the root zone.  It will help to normalize Ph and allows plants to have better access to nutrients.

  1. Hydretain - Hydretain is not another wetting agent, surfactant, or super absorbent polymer crystal. It is actually a liquid group of hygroscopic and humectant components that attracts moisture. In other words, by acting like tiny “water magnets,” they form microscopic droplets within the root zone. As a result, this process allows plants to utilize soil moisture that would otherwise be lost to evaporation.

  1. TurfMax - TurfMAX contains over 50 ingredients to treat and correct a wide range of factors that make grass unhealthy. It is the only product that addresses all the needs of lawns and the soil they grow in.

  1. Revive - Getting water to the roots is the secret of Revive’s success. Its unique formula allows water to move deeper down into the soil, bringing organic lawn fertilizers and air with it. This results in much stronger grass roots that produce a thick green, healthy lawn. 

For more tips, check out our Seasonal Tips page

How crazy was the weather this spring?

It was certainly far from typical and it’s impossible to predict what's coming up. Let’s take a look at what this weather has done to our plants, and what to look for moving forward. 

How The Weather Has Affected Our Plants

This spring has been particularly cool and wet, especially compared to last year when we experienced one hundred-degree weather in the middle of May with almost no precipitation. While this spring has had significantly more rain we are still experiencing a drought so we recommend reviewing local watering guides

Because of the cooler spring weather, many plants took longer than normal to break dormancy. . For example, maple trees usually are fully leafed around mid-April but this year didn’t break dormancy until nearly the second week of May. 

Redbuds also had a rough go of this spring. Hard freezes arrived during its two major growth times, killing the flower buds and delaying the leaf buds from opening in their normal time frame

Additionally, it wasn’t warm enough for many Perennials to wake up and bloom when they normally would, so you still may not be seeing some of your favorites in the garden. The good news is,  that doesn’t mean that they’re dead. It just means patience is key so give things a bit more time to catch up. 

Many people use Mother’s Day as the season marker for planting.   However, this year we had a hard frost after that target date. You might have experienced damage in your veggie gardens, even if they were covered.  This will result in a shorter crop season, but you will still likely get a decent harvest

Tomatoes typically have a 10-12 week harvest season. This year it will most likely be closer to 6-8 weeks, especially if we get frost in September. 

June is a Perennial Month.  

Though it is almost at an end, June is known as Perennial Month.  While temps are starting to warm up for summer, it is still a great time to add perennials to the garden to enjoy the summer blooms and feed the pollinators. As perennials all have different bloom times, it’s a great idea to add throughout the season so you can have a variety of colors throughout the year.  

Keep An Eye Out for Heat Stress

With hot temperatures becoming more regular, it’s important to keep an eye on your plants for signs of heat stress. The shock of the temperature swing from the cooler spring can be too much for your plants. Signs of heat stress include: 

The best cure is always prevention. When possible, water your plants prior to 10 am, provide permanent shade, and mulch your plant beds and trees to keep the roots cooler. 

Morning watering is preferred so your plants don’t lose water to evaporation in the afternoon sun. Evening watering makes your plant more susceptible to fungus and pests overnight. 

It’s also worth looking into growing water-wise plants that are able to withstand extreme temperatures. 

Take a look at 7 Waterwise summer blooms for your garden here

What can you do if your plant has already experienced heat stress? It is possible for many plants to recover. 

Heat stress can happen to plants in temperatures starting at 85℉ so keep an eye on your thermometers. 

For more information about how the strange spring weather will affect this year’s growing season, make sure to join the Glover Nursery Facebook group and watch this live with Erica

If you have any questions about how your plants have been reacting to the weather, please feel free to reach out to the experts at our Utah garden centre as well!

March brings with it the glorious days of spring - the first official day of spring is March 20th. We are springing forward, days are getting longer, and plants will start peeking their way up through the soil. While we enjoy a few late winter blooms, like Hellebore and Pansies, it is time to start prepping your garden for the growing season. Below are some tips and tricks to help you get ready. 

Add these tasks to your March gardening “To-Do List”: 

Prune and Spray Your Trees

Prepare Your Trees

Early March is the time to prune peach, plum, cherry, and apricot trees. If you didn't prune your apple trees or other deciduous trees in February, prune them now as well. Apply Dormant Oil, also known as Horticultural Oil, to ornamentals, fruit trees, shrub and shade trees to help control insects such as aphids, scale, and mites that will be coming back in the spring. 

Ideally, you will spray when temps are above 40 degrees with no precipitation for 48 hours after application.  You can also spray Copper Fungicide this time of year, either 24 hours prior to the Dormant Oil application, or you can even mix them together and spray both products at the same time, just be sure to mix the proper ratio for each product separately before combining them in a sprayer. 


Prepare Your Garden Soil & Beds

Prepare Your Garden Soil & Beds

As the snow melts away, it’s time to remove the winter layer of mulch from around perennials and roses. Rake out debris from your flower and shrub beds. If you are planning on moving your perennials, do it now before they start to bud. 

Once the soil has dried out enough, nutrient-rich compost can be added to flower beds. Don’t work the soil if it’s too wet because it causes compaction (cement-like texture in  the soil). 

Apply fertilizer to your shrubs and perennials. Some garden beds may also need an application of iron in March.  If you do not plan on starting anything from seed, it's a great time to put down some Pre-Emergent to help prevent weed seed from germinating.  You can apply a granular formula or a liquid formula, depending on what is best for your circumstances.

You may also like to read: 5 Things to do While Waiting for Spring


Clean up Flowers

Prepare Your Flowers

Now is the time to prune your rose bushes, look for bud swell as your signal to prune.  It is also a great time to start pruning back the perennials leaves, stems and seed heads that were left over winter.  Summer flowering shrubs like potentilla and many spireas can be pruned at the end of March or early April. 

Start begonias, dahlias, and other tubers indoors for earlier blooms. For more on starting bulbs indoors, check out How to Start Seeding Indoors

Another useful resource: Growing from Seed


Sharpen Garden Tools & Equipment 

Prepare Your Garden Tools

Before you need them, make sure your garden tools are still working and in good shape. Service your power equipment and sharpen your lawnmower blades. Now is also a good time to organize your tool sheds and storage areas so that come gardening time you won’t waste any time finding what you need. 

Getting back out in the garden has numerous benefits for our mental and physical health. Take care of these gardening items in March and springtime will be here before you know it. If you’re a newbie ready to start a garden, the team here at Glover Nursery are eager to help. Consider joining our Facebook community for a wealth of shared knowledge and be inspired by your fellow gardeners.

You might also be interested: Planning Your Garden


Other useful links and resources:

Early Spring Recommended Products

5 Things to do While Waiting for Spring

We are inching closer and closer to spring! 

It’s not spring yet but I swear we can already smell it. February is another month of maintenance and preparation to help ensure a successful growing season. We are gearing up at the nursery with new shipments of gardening tools, seeds, water plants, and more! We’re also bringing on new team members to help better serve the Utah gardening community come March and April. 

If you think you, or someone you know, would make a great fit here at the garden center, make sure to send in an application

Here are some of our top monthly tips for February but definitely check out even more seasonal planting tips & tricks.


Prune Shade Trees Pruning Trees for your garden

The end of February is the time of the year to prune your shade trees because they are dormant and less susceptible to bugs and disease. You can also prune apple and pear trees. When you prune, you will cut off broken or dead branches and trim the top branches. Make sure that your cuts are angled and clean. Pruning your trees encourages new growth so your tree can provide even more shade in the summer month. 

Related Reading: Need more shade in your backyard? If you live in Utah you're in luck. Our shade trees will turn your backyard into an instant oasis for all your summer activities. We've got a wide variety of instant shade trees and we deliver and install them too! 

Read more: Instant Shade For Your Yard 


garden pond maintenance checkCheck Your Garden Ponds

There are a few things to keep an eye on in February when it comes to your pond. Make sure to check the heaters and aerators often to make sure that they are working properly. Ponds also must have a hole in the ice to release noxious gasses that form from decomposing matter in the pond. Pond owners will also want to check for ice dams. Ensure they are not forming on waterfalls or streams that might divert water level over the liner.

Related Viewing: In this video, Glover Nursery's water garden manager, Shane, gives you a quick checklist to go through when preparing your pond for winter. Watch here



Pick Up Your Flower and Vegetable Seeds Flower and Vegetable Seeds for your garden


New seeds are rolling into the garden nursery all the time! Now is the time to look through plant catalogs for plants and ideas you may want to incorporate  like companion plantings into your garden beds. Order / come pick out your seeds or plugs now to get them started early indoors and for the best selection.

Growing plants from seeds is an exciting and fulfilling undertaking. If you haven’t done it before, Glover Nursery is here to help. Utah gardeners now’s the time to start your seeds inside (also known as seeding indoors). We’ve got you covered with all the tips and tricks (& seeds!). 


You may also check out our seasonal tip videos here. 

We are available for all of your gardening questions - that’s what we do! Come down and visit us at the garden center, give us a call, or reach out on social media.


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Amy Reed
04:02 06 Dec 20
This is the third year in a row that we have purchased our Christmas tree at this nursery. We have... had very few issues with the trees themselves and the customer service here is top notch.The gentlemen who help take the tree to our car and tie it down are always very kind and professional. They do a great job every time. We haven't had any issues with the trees sliding around on the car and they have never caused any damage to our cars.The customer service has always been very professional as well. They are considerate people who always make sure we are happy with our trees.The only issue we had was the first tree we purchased from them. It did dry out a little quicker than we had planned but luckily it was very close to Christmas, so it was no problem. They have a good selection of trees and carry everything from little tiny two foot trees to enormous 10 foot plus trees.I highly recommend this nursery, not only for Christmas trees, but also for gardening all year long. The staff is always knowledgeable and great to work more
Ryan Haroldsen
Ryan Haroldsen
06:20 15 Nov 20
Definitely the best place I've ever worked. All the people here are great and it's great visiting.... No other place with such friendly employees. All in all, this is absolutely the place to go if you are in need of more
Tenzin Lhanzey
Tenzin Lhanzey
00:18 03 Nov 20
I love this nursery. Stopped by today to pick up a tree from there. Ryan was very helpful with... picking the right tree for our backyard. Thank you!!read more
Tanya Hales
Tanya Hales
20:05 22 Sep 20
We've loved the trees we've bought here. We are looking at other plants and water features now. The... selection is more
Jaana Bess
Jaana Bess
20:30 18 Sep 20
Ask for McKayla she knows evwrything about trees amd she is super nice.
Lyle Odendahl
Lyle Odendahl
15:10 14 Sep 20
This is a great local nursery. When you are ready to get better service and products than you can... find at the big box stores, great over to Glover. You'll find better service, better expertise, and surprisingly competitive prices. The plants are localized to our climate, instead of the Bonnie brand that everybody else sells and who knows where are grown. You'll find a large selection of fruit and ornamental trees, bulk soil amendments (bagged too), bedding plants, and the great variety of goods you'd expect to find at a large local nursery. I'm glad a rediscovered this nursery after Western Gardens closed our local more
Jace Copier
Jace Copier
20:12 08 Sep 20
Beautiful layout, friendly employees with vast knowledge about plants and gardening. I love this... place!read more
Nathan Harris
Nathan Harris
13:38 08 Sep 20
They didn't have Marijuana, no weed!
Andra Meyer
Andra Meyer
15:33 07 Sep 20
They have the largest and best selection of plants! I drive from Lehi because there’s nothing that... compares anywhere more
Nate Brown
Nate Brown
02:29 06 Sep 20
Huge selection. This place goes on forever!
Randy Jarvis
Randy Jarvis
22:00 02 Sep 20
Great selection of all your gardening Landscaping needs. Friendly staff always willing to help
Anfaney Gladwin
Anfaney Gladwin
17:39 02 Sep 20
They have a decent selection of things you can buy at any other garden center at a slightly... inflated price. They are starting to carry more hard to find items. I wish they would carry more native/drought resistant more
Jim young
Jim young
14:05 01 Sep 20
Found employees to be very helpful, they have a plant selection wider and better than most, if you... are looking for a unique company that offers all the experience and materials with great service check them out, oh they even help you out to your vehicle with your purchase..old school service done right!read more
Jeremy Schow
Jeremy Schow
23:45 29 Aug 20
Best nursery in the valley! Seriously beautiful with many different plant species, it's a must see!
Amber Shaw
Amber Shaw
17:03 03 Aug 20
We've been to many garden centers over the years and BY FAR Glover is the best around. Everything... we've purchased from them has been high quality and has done very well in our garden. We've also used their delivery services and well as their planting services- both of which were wonderful! They arrive on time and the work is done very professionally. They also have staff that are very knowledgable about the plants and products they sell, which is something other nurseries are seriously lacking with their employees, so that's something I appreciate! All of our purchases from trees, to flowers to veggies have always done great, I couldn't rave about them more!read more
Christopher Colling
Christopher Colling
18:49 29 Jul 20
Absolutely outstanding service! Val & McKayla were extremely helpful, going above & beyond to take... care of me today. I am a landscape contractor & I appreciate being taken care of so well. Wholesale or retail, I recommend Glover Nursery! 10/ more
Joan Dorney
Joan Dorney
01:43 28 Jul 20
They are fantastic to deal with. Very courteous and friendly. Went out of their way to help us get... our Japanese Pagodaread more
Garrett Marshall
Garrett Marshall
00:44 14 Jul 20
My girlfriend and I decided as first time plant buyers to make this the first nursery we visited in... our quest to find the perfect ensemble of pet safe, shade friendly, and easy to maintain plants because of the rave reviews Glover's has (which I spent an hour reading through simply because they were pleasant to read). Rett kindly greeted us within about 2 minutes of us starting to browse the rows and rows of plants. He asked what we were looking for. We explained and he quickly pointed us to which spots of the nursery would have plants fitting our criteria. He taught us where to look to find plant information which was very helpful to us newbies. He provided wise words: to start small with our plants and to grow our garden as we became more comfortable with our green thumbs. He answered every question we had with knowledge and the occasional--and very welcomed--joke! We will always come back to Glover's after this amazing experience on our very first visit. Thanks Glover's and thanks Rett!read more
Clifford Sackett
Clifford Sackett
16:21 03 Jul 20
They have some native plants that you can't find anywhere else. And a good selection of trees
Rhiannon L
Rhiannon L
01:02 01 Jul 20
This is my preferred nursery. There are so many people who offer tips and advice and you can return... stuff and get your money back. There are so many options of different plants too! I was looking for bushes and OMG -- so many varieties. Worth the trip across the valley to visit Glover' more
Kat Child
Kat Child
16:42 01 Jun 20
I love this nursery SO much. Every time I come here the staff is friendly and helpful and if they... don’t know the answer, they find someone who does. I will only purchase my plants from Glover, they absolutely thrive! And their soil is incredible! Not to mention it’s good for the soul to just walk around and take in how gorgeous this place is. Thank you Glover Nursery!!!read more
Steve Hanson
Steve Hanson
22:44 23 Apr 20
This is a good place to go for some of your less-common trees. Great variety. Knowledgeable staff.... And beautiful more
Matt Connors
Matt Connors
17:04 23 Apr 20
Incredible selection. A sales rep. named Lynn was incredibly helpful to me and took an hour to... listen to what I wanted, present options, and seemed very knowledgeable. He even made sure everything was loaded properly and protected from wind during transport. I appreciated this because it's such a busy time for them! I'll definitely be back and thank you, Lynn!read more
Alexandra McCauley
Alexandra McCauley
04:37 29 Sep 18
My first time visiting, and I had a great time! The staff was nice, very attentive, and willing to... answer all of my questions!! I LOVE the plants we got! 🌼🌼 I can't wait to go back!read more
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