Vines are plant whose stems require support external from their inherent structure.  They can climbs up trees, trellis’, fences or even walls.  Without a structure to grow on, they would sprawl over the ground. Vines climb with tendrils which naturally wrap around the structure as they grow.  Vines can be either woody or herbaceous.

  • Woody Vines

    Wisteria floribunda Rosea

    These have hard, self-supporting stems composed of wood tissue. They are typically perennial, meaning they live for multiple years, and can grow quite large. Examples include wisteria, grapevines, and clematis.

  • Herbaceous Vines

    potato vine

    In contrast, herbaceous vines have soft, green, non-woody stems. They are often annual (completing their life cycle in one year) or perennial (returning year after year), but their stems die back to the ground each winter.

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