Planting in the Heat

Are you considering planting in the heat?

A lot of people think that late summer/early fall isn’t when you should be planting. We have a lot of people ask us is it safe to plant in the heat? Can I still plant? The answer is yes you can! And you can be very successful. Our own Ryan Glover always says, “the best time to plant is when you like to dig.” If you like to dig in the late summer/early fall then who are we to stop you?

All of the plants and trees we have in the nursery are ready to plant. If you’re looking to add a few more trees and shrubs to your yard before winter sets in now is a perfectly good time to do it. You will want to keep in mind Ryan’s 5 tips for planting in the heat.

Ryan’s 5 Tips for Planting in the Heat

  1. Water directly
  2. Use the hose to settle the soil and saturate the root ball when you first plant
  3. Add mulch
  4. Use an Arbor Rain Tour if you’re planting trees
  5. Water with a slow trickle from your hose for 15 to 20 minutes.

Remember slow watering is best, just like good barbeque.

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