Do I need a Landscape Design?

Lay the Groundwork with Landscape Design

Landscape Design?Over the years, thousands of Glover customers have turned to us for assistance with their landscape designs. We have helped them customize their yards to suit their unique and varied needs. Here are four of the most common reasons people turn to us for a design.

One. Buy the Right Plants

With over ten acres of nursery stock to choose from, it can be overwhelming to select the right mix of plants for your needs. We can develop a landscape plan that will address all the questions you may have. Some of the questions I typically encounter include “Will these plants suit all my needs in terms of color, size, and shape and accomplish what I want?” and “Will my plant choices thrive in my particular soil type or exposure?”   

Two. Secondary Water.

What is Secondary Water and do you have it? Untreated, unfiltered water used for irrigation purposes can cause issues for many types of plants. This is called Secondary Water. This water is highly alkaline, which results in higher loss rates on certain plants.

Three. Smaller Lot Sizes

Four Seasons For Landscape Design

Lot sizes are getting smaller. As land along the Wasatch Front becomes scarcer and homes become larger, people are more concerned with issues such as privacy, maintaining good views, and maximizing usable living areas in the yard, to name a few. These are items you are going to want to consider if you have a newer home or have a home with a smaller lot size.

Four. Where to Start?

So many plant choices how do I start? With our knowledgeable design staff. We can design a cohesive plan with a thorough understanding of the new plant choices that are available to you. And we are able to design a plan  that will fit together. 

Two Types of Landscape Design at Glover Nursery

We provide two levels of landscape design services:

Landscape Consultation

A consultation includes an onsite pencil sketch of your yard and focuses primarily on plant material (listed by common name) and placement in existing beds and/or designated planting areas. This is a great option for existing yards and/or small projects and for homeowners who may be installing the plant material themselves. 

If you will be installing such features such as rock walls and hardscape elements, or you’re starting with new construction without any existing landscaping, these types of needs exceed the scope of a consultation and for that you need a full plan.

Full Plan

A full landscape design is a detailed to-scale drawing of your property. This is used for both new construction and existing properties that have more complex needs.  It includes hardscapes, such as firepit, patio, and hot tub layouts, lawn and planting bed areas, and other outdoor elements, as needed. You receive a 24” x 36” print of your sketch with a detailed plant legend that includes the quantities of each plant in the design, as well as descriptions and plant sizes.

How to Be Ready for Landscape DesignReady to Landscape

There are the three things you can do to be ready if you decide to have us do a landscape design for you.

  1. A very basic conceptual idea of where you want all the main features in your yard.
  2. If you have a particular style of landscaping or list of plants you like (or even dislike) an itemized list is helpful.
  3. If you’re doing a full plan, a plot plan showing your home on your lot with dimensions is helpful and saves you money because it saves the designer time by not having to do all the measurements manually. (This is also helpful for consultations, although in this case, the plan doesn’t necessarily need to have the dimensions. We can draw the design directly on your copy and hand it right back you to.)

We would love the opportunity to help you create a design that you will love!

To learn more, you can go to and fill out a landscape design request.

By Jeff Hansen

Landscape Design Manager

Utah Certified Nursery Professional


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