Gardening Therapy

There is a very real benefit to working in your garden. Gardening Therapy isn't only therapeutic, it has a range of benefits. Here we share four of the top benefits you will gain from gardening.

5 Things to do While Waiting for Spring

Ahh, Spring.  We can feel it coming though it is still a few…
planting in the fall

How to Plant in the Heat

Are you considering planting in the heat? Ryan Glover shares his top 5 tips for planting trees and shrubs successfully right now.

5 Ways to Reduce Water Waste in Utah

Summer is here and water saving is a goal for all of us here in Utah. Here are Glover Nursery's top 5 water saving tips for your garden.

Create a Hummingbird Habitat

Creating a Hummingbird Habitat in your own backyard is easy. You may find that you already have most of the elements hummingbirds are looking for. If you love these jewels of the sky as much as we do, read on to find how to make the perfect backyard oasis for them.