Unique Summer Color for Utah

Summer is here and we’ve found plants to give your garden unique summer color. Here at Glover Nursery, we are always looking for the next new thing to bring to our customers. Our expert buyer is constantly looking for that unique element to add to your yard. We all are plant geeks and when we come across those special items they are quickly snapped up by our expert buyer.

Our Expert Buyer’s Picks

Some of her favorite plants, trees and shrubs for unique summer Great summer color with the Chocolate Fountain Silk Tree.color this season are listed below.  These are spectacular plants that will bring major “Wow” factor this summer:

Chocolate Fountain Silk Tree

Chocolate Fountain Silk Tree is a new one from Monrovia that we just can’t get over.  Dramatic, deep purple, fern-like foliage enhanced by delicate pink flowers in summer. It is an elegant accent for smaller spaces and does well in containers (but will need to be brought indoors during the winter if kept in a container). This small, deciduous tree doesn’t mind the heat and is tough, trouble-free and drought resistant in the landscape.

Rose of Sharon

Great summer color with the Rose of Sharon tree.The Rose of Sharon Tree comes in so many varieties.  This is a summer favorite as they keep a tight, upright form with large summer blossoms.  It’s a great way to bring dramatic color to your garden when other shrubs and perennials have stopped blooming in the summer.  They don’t get much larger than 6-feet tall, so can help provide some interesting contract amongst taller trees and shorter shrubs.

Some of the Rose of Sharon varieties we carry:

  • Blue Chiffon
  • Blue Satin
  • Aphrodite
  • Diana
  • Hawaii
  • Fiji
  • Danica
  • Red Heart
  • Helene
  • Pulcherimus
  • Boule de Feu


And if you haven’t seen the stunning blooms of Hydrangea’s then youHydrangea's provide great summer color. haven’t lived!  These incredible blooms are popping like crazy and make such a beautiful addition to any garden with their gorgeous, full blossoms. A unique pop of color for summer and they keep on blooming into the fall.  They come in a variety of colors and make for truly incredible summer bouquets. Monrovia calls these beauties Shapely Shrubs.

Come on down and see us to learn more about these amazing plants.  We are here to help you find the right fit for your yard.

Want more unique plants for your yard but worried that they won’t be deer resistant? We’ve got a blog for that! Read HERE for our list of the 66 Best Deer Resistant Plants for Utah.

Happy Gardening!


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