Our Favorite Summer Plants

Everyone has a favorite summer plant.

We sat down with a few of our employees and found out their favorite plants of summer.

A few of their favorites are…

  • The Firecracker Penstemon – for it’s bright red color and it’s a great plant for hummingbirds to feed on.
  • Agastache – for great summer color and a wonderful fragrance.
  • Tomato Plant – they’re delicious! Specifically, we like the Celebrity variety.
  • Butterfly Bush – all of the colors that they come in and, of course, the butterflies that are attracted to it.
  • Lavender – it smells good and it’s fun to cook with!

We’d love to hear what your favorite summer plants are. And if you’re looking for some late summer color to add to your yard we would be happy to help with that too!

Happy Growing!


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