Top 5 Summertime Favorites

For this list of top 5 summertime favorites plants, we decided to go right to the top and ask Rod Glover, one of Glover Nursery’s owner, what are his top 5 summertime favorites plant picks.

Top 5 Summertime FavoritesThose of us in the nursery industry love being asked: “What are your favorite plants this time of year?”.  Of course, the answer requires the listener to settle in and get ready for a long conversation as the list is usually a list about a mile long and consists of very nearly every plant that will grow in Utah soil (and some that shouldn’t).  We are gardeners, our blood is practically green.  Still, when forced, we are able to narrow it down to a manageable list of options that we love, grow well in Utah and will look amazing.

Rod’s Top 5 Summertime Favorites

As expected, the first response was “Only 5?  I really need some time to think about this”, but, after a bit of time he came up with the below list.  Some of the top 5 picks were surprising with their simple elegance, and some were not as surprising with their tried-and-true success of thriving in nearly every garden.  So, if you are wondering what you can add to your garden this time of year that has the Glover “stamp of approval”, see below.

1. Alstroemeria 

Alstroemeria - Summertime FavoritesRod has three of them planted right up against his house foundation, under his front windows. They bloom all summer long and the beautiful flowers are enjoyed while sitting in the shade of the house listening to his drilled rock feature gurgle away.  The blooms on this perennial have an other-worldly quality to them and are often found as accent pieces in bouquets or tucked in cut-flower arrangements.

There are many varieties of Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas, which range in color from delicate pinks and yellows to bright oranges and reds.  And, while they are recommended for part sun to full sun areas, the plants under Rod’s window get mostly shade making this a versatile option for summer-long blooms.

2. Hydrangea  

Once again, the waxy textured foliage and bright balls of blooms put Hydrangea’s on the list.  Our last blog had them as a favorite of our expert buyer. And here theyHydrangea Summertime Favorites are again as a favorite of Rod’s.  These gorgeous plants are another that provide beautiful blossoms all summer long and come in multiple colors.  While the pH of your soil will have an effect on the color of the blooms, it won’t take away the intensity of these vibrant plants.

Hydrangea are a bit more temperamental with clay soil and secondary water, so if you are considering adding one of these to your garden, it would be best to discuss details with one of our experts before planting.  They like a mix of sun and shade and will need some extra water to get established when they are first planted. But, once they are settled in and growing – you will find they quickly will make it to your list of summertime favorites.

3. Laceleaf Japanese Maple

Laceleaf Japanese Maple Summertime FavoritesThese low growing trees aren’t called Laceleaf for no reason.  The airy, delicate texture of their leaves is absolutely beautiful and allows for the leaves to flutter in even the mildest breeze.  Most of the Laceleaf tree varieties are dome shaped with a strong cascading habit, but there are many varieties and not all form the same shape.

This tree is an excellent addition to a yard that needs an accent piece which won’t take up much space.  They are quite slow growing and will be small, generally maxing out around 8 feet tall.  As with Rod’s Laceleaf, nearer to the house with some protection from the wind and out of direct, full sun is a good option.

4. Rose Trees

Roses are a wonderful addition to any garden, their blooms are one of the world’s summertime favorites for a reason.  They will continue to bloom all summer long (with some pruning as blossoms fade) and the delicate aromas will waft through the air until they go dormant in fall.  While there are many kinds of absolutely incredible roses to choose from, Rod selected the tree form of the Knockout Red for his back patio.

These summertime favorites are planted in large containers to give an interesting twist to how the roses accent his yard.  As they are on the patio in large containers, the tree form keeps the blossoms up higher. Therefore the thorns are also up higher, allowing for more movement around the patio without accidentally getting snagged.

One thing to be aware of when planting rose trees in containers is that they will need extra protection during the winter. Move them closer to the house or into a garage and be sure they are watered throughout the colder months.  Though dormant, the roots will still need moisture.  But, this added bit of effort is worth it when you have dozens of bright, aromatic blooms popping throughout the summer months.

5. Daylilies

Last but not least on Rod’s top 5 summertime favorites list is the glorious Daylily and it’s easy to see why.  These incredible perennials are easy to grow, easy to Daylily Summertime Favoritespropagate, easy to transfer and when they bloom in the heat of summer, are absolute show-stoppers!

There are so many colors and sizes of daylilies that you could fill your yard with them and still not have room for them all.  Purple, red, orange, yellow, pink, white, some with more than one color!  They can be short and compact, or tall and flowing.  The easy to grow factor makes these a wonderful pick for new gardeners, but with their spectacular star-like blooms and grass-like foliage, expert gardeners cannot resist them either.

So, there you go!  Straight from Rod Glover, the top 5 picks for summer to keep your yard easily filled with intense colors, enticing aromas and gorgeous textures.

Come down and see us to find the perfect fit for your yard.  We have everything in stock and experts here to answer all your questions. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our landscaping experts click here.


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