How Do Trees Save Water?

Trees provide shade. Shade brings down the temperature of your yard. A landscape with more shade greatly reduces the amount of water you will need because plants within the shade of the tree don’t need as much water as those in the sun. Shady and sheltered areas dry out more slowly. 

A perfectly manicured, green, grassy lawn has been established as an ideal but the truth is, grass & turf are an expensive, time-consuming, high-maintenance ground cover. And they require a lot of water!

Once established, most trees will require much less water than a grassy lawn. Instead of running a sprinkler every day, trees will only require watering once a week or even every few weeks. 

Conifers are great waterwise trees. Not only do they provide beautiful, year-round foliage, but they don’t require frequent watering once they are established. 

Best practices for watering trees:

  1. Roots spread out laterally 360° around the tree. They tend to stay closer to the surface because they need oxygen. When watering an established tree, make sure that you water all the way around the tree and out as far as the canopy reaches. 
  2. Don’t forget that trees need water in the winter, too! Typically, established trees will need a deep soak once a month from November-March. One of the major issues over the winter months with tree owners is the effects of Winter Drought Stress as people forget to water during those months. 
  3. Make sure you select the right tree and plant it in the best area. 

Do Your Research First

No two trees or shrubs are created equal. We live in a desert, and many of our trees are shipped in and are used to different climates and weather conditions. Will you and your yard be able to care for the tree in the way it will need?

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to tree planting is that the right tree is planted in the wrong place because it was:

  1. Planted too close to a structure, sidewalk, or driveway.
  2. Not planted in soil that is conducive to it thriving. 
  3. It’s not accessible to the amount of water that it will need.

When it comes to planting trees, planting depth is paramount. If it’s too deep all the proper watering in the world won’t help the tree establish itself.  

For waterwise landscapes, you must select the right tree for your yard and know the best place to plant it. 

Every yard is unique so there isn’t a one size fits all option. The experts here at Glover Nursery are always happy to help you on your waterwise landscape journey.

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