Your Bountiful Harvest Awaits! Start Planning Now With These Tips In Mind

Get ready to spring forward! Let’s start planning your vegetable garden.

Even though Punxsutawney Phil said there would be 6 more weeks of winter, spring planting season will be here soon. 

In this blog, you’ll learn which vegetables will thrive in Utah and 3 harvest seasons to be aware of.

Vegetables that’ll flourish in Utah

When it comes to planning your vegetable garden, there are a number of growing styles to keep in mind to utilize your space effectively. Some of the most common are Root, Bush, and Vine.

Root vegetables, you guessed it, are the root of a plant. Some, like carrots, are taproots which will only yield one or two vegetables per seed or start. And some, like potatoes, are tubers that will yield multiples of a vegetable.

So, if you are growing taproot vegetables, you’ll need to plan for rows of multiple plants.  Although for tuber style, you can plant just a few starts for a hearty harvest.

Popular Utah Root Vegetables for home growing:

1 – Potatoes
2 – Beets
3 – Carrots
4 – Radishes

Bush vegetables grow on one plant that’ll stay in a shrub form throughout the season.  They are great options for smaller gardening spaces, or even for patio gardens.  

Great options for Bush-style cultivation:

1 – Tomato
2 – Beans
3 – Peppers
4 – Leaf Lettuce

Vine-grown vegetables tend to need more space, though some DIYers have found success with growing on trellises in smaller areas.

Fun vine vegetables to grow:

1 – Pumpkins
2 – Squash
3 – Pole Beans
4 – Zucchini

Plan with these 3 harvest seasons in mind

Every type of produce has a different growing season. You see, there are 3 categories to consider when you are planning so by the time you get to the harvesting, you have crops available on a rolling basis

Short-season vegetables:

Short-season goes from seedling to harvest in around 40 days and includes: 

1 – Arugula
2 – Lettuce
3 – Radishes
4 – Salad mix
5 – Spinach
6 – Turnips

These should be replanted again after the heat of summer passes for another crop later in the year.

Mid-season vegetables:

Mid-season goes from seedling to harvest between 40-80 days and includes (amongst many more): 

1 – Beans (bush and pole)
2 – Beets
3 – Bok choy
4 – Broccoli
5 – Cabbage
6 – Carrots
7 – Cauliflower
8 – Corn
9 – Cucumber
10 – Fennel
11 – Kale
12 – Peas
13 – Peppers
14 – Potatoes
15 – Summer squash
16 – Tomatoes

These make up the bulk of a garden to harvest in the summer, it is best to balance them with early and late harvests.

Late-season vegetables:

Late-season goes from seedling to harvest between 80-120 days and includes: 

1 – Asparagus
2 – Beans (dry)
3 – Brussels Sprouts
4 – Celery
5 – Garlic
6 – Melons
7 – Onions
8 – Peppers
9 – Pumpkins
10 – Shallots
11 – Sweet Potatoes
12 – Winter Squash

Though they take longer, they’re well worth the time and effort.

So are you ready to bring a little green into your life?

As planting season is around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start planning your vegetable garden.

Don’t worry if you’re a seasoned or new gardener, Utah offers a bounty of options for your flourishing garden. You have hearty root, simple bush, and fun vine vegetables to choose from.

At Glover Nursery we have everything you need to get started, from soil and seeds to tools and expert advice. So you can enjoy a steady supply of fresh, delicious produce all three harvest seasons long.

Are you ready to try your hand at growing your own veggies this year?

Tell us what you plan to grow in our Glover Nursery Facebook Group. You may just get inspired by others who are cultivating their own bountiful gardens.

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