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Glover Nursery

Utah’s First Family Nursery…

Since 1895 Glover’s have been in the business of bringing the best quality nursery products to the Salt Lake City Valley and surrounding counties. We specialize in plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables, and flowers that thrive here in Utah. Stop by to see our tremendous selection of native and drought tolerant plants or consult with one of our landscape experts.


…Where A Love For Plants Runs Deep

The first Glover in the nursery business was Albert Glover. He was called to serve an LDS mission in his homeland of England and while there, he fell in love with the classic English gardens he saw. Gardening became Albert’s passion in life and when he returned to Utah, he started Jordan Nursery on his farm in Midvale, Utah.

We’ve been in business for 6 generations and have a team whose collective experience equals over 200 years of knowledge and expertise.

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A trip to Glover Nursery is fun for the whole family. Your first trip to Glover Nursery will feel more like a walk in the park than a trip to a store. Grandpa’s Garden is right up front and you can meander through the landscaped pathways. You’ll find our pond where you will see a variety of local and native plants on display. If it’s a warm day you may catch a turtle or two sunning themselves and see the koi swimming through the water.

Once you’ve found the inspiration you’re looking for you can take a walk through our 10 acres of plants, trees, and shrubs. Know exactly what you’re looking for? Our grounds are meticulously mapped out and you can always find an expert in a purple vest to help you.

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Deck the Halls

It’s time to get into the Christmas spirit and there’s no better way to do that than picking out your Christmas tree and decorating it! Here at Glover Nursery we have a huge selection of Fresh Cut Christmas trees direct from the wonderful tree farms of Oregon.

Winter Watering – do I HAVE to???

Winter watering for your newer plants and shrubs will be crucial to their success this winter. Don't miss these winter watering tips!

LAWN CARE TIPS: Keep Your Lawn Healthy & Ready For Winter

Tending your lawn during winter might not be on top of your priority list, but it is an important part of your “winter to-do list.” If your lawn is in great shape before the blast of winter comes, it will ensure a healthy and happy lawn in the spring.