July Gardening in Utah

Though it always depends on the weather, in general gardening is cyclical. Even if the season starts early, or late, the basic “to-dos” will be pretty much the same. So, we’re sharing a recap of our helpful July gardening blog posts throughout the years for all your summertime gardening needs.

Summer To-Do Lists

Looking for some tasks to keep you busy this summer? We’ve got some ideas to help maintain your trees, shrubs, flowers, and more! Check out the below two lists and see how many tasks you can tackle this month.

Your To-Do List: July Gardening Tips

5 Things To Do In Your Summer Garden

Summer Plants Summer Plants

We love the vibrant colors of flowers and plants that pop up during the hotter months of the year. From the ever popular roses, to drought-tolerant and waterwise plants, learn more about some of our favorite summer finds here.

Top 7 Waterwise Perennials for Summer

Top 5 Drought Tolerant & Resistant Plants

Low Maintenance Perennials

Top 6 Favorite Roses

Top 5 Summertime Favorites

If you’re looking to explore more plants or to see if we have specific ones, check out our catalog here.

Summer WateringSummer Watering

An important reminder for all humans and greenery this summer: Stay hydrated! Whether you’re a beginner gardener or a seasoned expert, check out these helpful blog posts about watering, maintaining your lawn, and how to use less water.

Watering 101: How to Water Your New Plants

5 Ways to Reduce Water Waste in Utah

4 Products to Achieve a Greener Lawn & Use Less Water

Top 3 Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn

Landscaping, Your Top 5 Rules for Success

Gardening is a fun solo activity, but is always more exciting when you have others to share your passion with, especially those who are local! To interact with like-minded gardeners, join the Glover Nursery Facebook Group, where community members share images and questions about their home gardening and landscaping projects. We hope to see you there.

Happy Gardening! 🌱

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