How Planting Trees Affects Air Quality

Here at Glover Nursery, we are definitely Team Tree. We even made a list of our 12 favorite trees for Utah. 

TreeWe all know trees are an important part of our ecosystem. They provide so many benefits to the earth and its inhabitants, helping to keep our water clean, shelter and shade, and they’re a great food source. Tree’s are even known to help reduce stress and boost our immune systems – how cool is that? Tree-filled neighborhoods are reported as being safer and even more sociable. 

One of the most beneficial services trees provide to life on earth is cleaning our air and providing us with oxygen. We wouldn’t be here without them!

How Do Trees Clean the Air?

There are a few different ways that native trees clean up the air we breathe. First, they remove pollutants from the air. Leaves will hold particles like dust, ash, pollen, or smoke on their surfaces. They will also absorb air pollution that is gaseous. 

CO2 or WaterTrees have a natural cycle of carbon absorption which removes carbon dioxide from the air and in return, gives us oxygen. Carbon dioxide in the air creates a greenhouse gas effect which is harmful to the atmosphere and increases ground temperatures. To be even more basic about it, trees inhale pollution and exhale clean oxygen. We love them for it. 

Planting trees in urban settings has become increasingly important over the years to maintain healthy air quality for city residents, reduce temperatures, and protect the environment. 

But Wait, There’s More

Growing trees really are amazing. As you know, any advances trees or fruiting trees can also provide shade. When buildings and AC units are shaded, not only will the cost of running them be reduced but you’ll use up less energy which leads to less pollution. 

Once the ground isn’t frozen, we’ll be able to start planting trees in Utah again and we couldn’t be more excited planting tree species. When you’re ready to get started, reach out about our tree selection as well as delivery and installation.

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