Homegrown Tomatoes

True Love and Homegrown Tomatoes

We’ve got to agree with John Denver, there really is nothing like homegrown tomatoes. It’s tomato time here at Glover Nursery which means we have literally hundreds of tomato varieties for you to choose from. 

John Denver

Tomatoes come in all shapes and sizes and each has a unique flavor. They are fun to grow too! 

Check out these fun facts about tomatoes then come down to our garden center and pick out your favorite varieties for your garden. 

Fun Tomato Facts

  1. While we carry dozens of tomato varieties, it doesn’t put a dent how many exist. Worldwide, there are over 10,000 types of tomatoes. We wonder if anyone has tried them all! 
  2. The Guinness World Record for largest tomato ever grown is held by Dan Sutherland from Walla Walla, Washington. The tomato weighed in at 10 lbs 12.7ozs which is bigger than most newborn babies! It was of the Domingo variety. Who wants to try and beat his record? Tomatoes
  3. While it is officially classified as a fruit, New Jersey named the tomato its official state vegetable but it’s also the official state fruit of Tennessee. Not wanting to choose sides, Arkansas named the South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato as the official state fruit and vegetable. 
  4. If you don’t like eating tomatoes, maybe you’d enjoy throwing them. Every year the La Tomatina festival is held in Spain during which participants, all 40,000 or so of them, toss tomatoes at each other in a huge food fight. They usually throw around close to 150,000 tomatoes. There’s a copycat event in Reno, Nevada every year as well, to benefit the American Cancer Society!
  5. When you picture a tomato, it’s usually red, right? Well that’s not always the case. Tomatoes can come in a variety of different colors like white, purple, or even yellow like the “Yellow Pear” tomato. 

With so many tomatoes to choose from, let one of the experts at Glover Nursery help you with your selection. We love to help you achieve all of your gardening goals. Stop by soon! 


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