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Winter felt extra long this year and we are itching for spring. These first few months of the year provide us with a great opportunity to plan ahead to ensure a successful gardening season. Now that March is upon us, we can lay the groundwork for vegetable container gardening.

Many of our customers grow their own vegetables in container gardens, but even if you don’t already, now is the perfect time to start! There are so many benefits to having your own vegetable garden. You can grow your own food, have more nutrient rich veggies, and minimize your environmental impact. Plus, every gardeners favorite reason, it’s fun to play in the dirt!

To help you get started we are sharing three great products that will set your vegetable container garden up for success. Check out our list then come down and see us at our garden center in Utah. We have veggie and herb starts available now but come and get them quick because they won’t last long! 

Osmocote for Vegetable Container GardeningVeggie Container Gardens Love… Osmocote

The small balls, or prills, of Osmocote fertilizer have a polymer coating that is made from resin and vegetable oil. Because of this coating there is a slow release of the nutrients. so that you don’t have to regularly apply fertilizer to your garden. This fertilizer is great plant food for annuals and perennials, as well as houseplants, and can significantly increase your vegetable yield. 



Veggie Container Gardens Love…

Humic AcidHumic Acid for Vegetable Container Gardening

Humic Acid is a really easy tool to apply in your garden to help set the soil up for success. It plays a key role in transporting the nutrients in the soil to your plants, can improve soil structure, and help to hold water. When you are starting your plants as seedlings or adding new plants to your landscape, a small amount of humic acid can do wonders. Humic Acid can be applied in a liquid form by adding it to your watering can or in a granular form as a soil amendment. 

If you want to learn more about the benefits of adding Humic Acid to your container gardens, read up on our blog, Diamonds for Your Soil.


Harvest Blend Supreme for Vegetable Container GardeningVeggie Container Gardens Love…

Harvest Blend Supreme

The key to a successful garden is helping out your soil so that it can do all the heavy lifting of growing your veggies. It just needs a little assistance sometimes in the form of  weeding or added nutrients. Harvest Blend Supreme is a premium soil amendment packed with your growing vegetable plants’ favorite foods. Harvest Blend Supreme is particularly great for vegetable and flower beds and is available at our plant nursery in Utah. 


It’s time to get growing! For more vegetable container gardening help, check out our library of videos full of tips and tricks from the garden experts here at Glover Nursery. 


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