How to Make a Perennial Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets can add vibrance to an otherwise dull and drab area. Fortunately, making your own hanging basket isn’t as hard as it seems if you follow these steps and tips.  And, for something unique, we suggest putting perennials in your hanging basket this year.

1. Choose a hanging basket, or make your own.

Pick a BasketBaskets come in different sizes and materials. You may choose from wicker, plastic, wire, or DIY baskets. Having a plant in mind for your basket is helpful as it makes it easier to determine your basket’s ideal size.

2. Select a plant 

Colors and types of flowers will depend on your preference and creativity. Experiment with colors, scent, or a theme, but keep in mind to combine perennial plants that work well together. For instance, putting sun loving plants with shade loving plants is not going to work very well. This list of the best flowers for hanging baskets will give you some ideas on suitable flowers to combine.Select a plant 

When selecting plants,  you want to have a variety in your basket. We like to call it the key three; Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers. ‘Thrillers’ ensure that your basket has height and a strong visual.  ‘Fillers’ are those plants that will ensure your basket seems to be overflowing with flowers. And, ‘Spillers’  are trailers softens the basket edges and gives a creative flair to your piece.

Glover Nursery, the best plant nursery in Utah, provides a variety of perennial plants to choose from, we have deliveries of fresh perennials coming in weekly.

3. The fun part: planting.

Set up a liner in your basket. Cocoa liners or super moss work well for wire-framed baskets. This is essential for regulating water retention in the soil. 


Place just the right amount of soil on the liner. We recommend four to five inches of soil from the base of the basket. 

Gather your plants once the soil is in place. Start by arranging the Thrillers in the center, then add the Spillers around the edge, and lastly fill in the remaining areas with the, you guessed it, the Fillers.  When placing the plants, be sure to look at the basket from all sides that will be visible when it is hung up.

Be as creative as you can get with arranging the plants. Play with color and a variety of flowers for added decorative detail. For a fuller-looking arrangement, you may opt to fill soil in between gaps. 

Once it’s all planted, give that basket a good soaking to water in the plants and settle in the soil.  You may need to add some extra soil after the first watering to ensure the plants are nestled in securely.Surfinia

Now you get to hang it!  On a tree, on your porch, or wherever you see fit. This beautiful new basket you created will instantly change the mood and ambiance of your home. 

After successfully making a perennial hanging basket, it is important to take note of the following steps to maintain its beauty:

  1. Water the hanging baskets when they are dry.  If the soil is wet, they can skip a watering. 
  2. Deadheading will promote more blooms, keeping your basket beautiful all season long.
  3. Adding fertilizers will help promote growth and blooms. 
  4. Make sure your basket gets the appropriate amount of sun or shade, depending on your selection of plants.

Make sure to visit our plant nursery in Utah for some of the best plants for your perennial hanging basket.

We look forward to seeing you.


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