Fall Colors are Coming

Fall is fast approaching, and one of the things we love seeing is the beautiful change of colors in the trees. From green to golds, oranges, reds, yellows – autumn puts on a spectacular show.

Get a Ticket to the Show!

This spectacular show happens to come right after one of the best times of year to plant new trees and shrubs! It’s like mother nature thought “OK, what cool thing can I do so they will get to immediately enjoy the fruits of their labor? Oh, I know! Pretty fall colors while the roots start establishing”.

While there are benefits to planting in spring and summer (beautiful spring flowers, easy shade in heat, fruit growth, cleaner air) the best time of year to plant a new trees is as the heat of summer starts to fade and the plants ready themselves for dormancy. This window of time between is when trees shift their energy from growing those beautiful flowers, leaves, fruits and start promoting deeper root growth to establish the tree more.

Establishing Your New Tree

Establishing a tree properly takes a bit of extra care in the first few years, so being aware of that powerful fall root growth is important. The deeper the roots grow, the less water you’ll need to give them as they get established. After a few years, most trees need very little additional water as their roots will have spread enough to find adequate water sources to keep the tree growing and strong.

Learn more about how to properly plant and water new trees here – and do not forget the importance of winter watering. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with information as winter approaches.

Planting in the Fall

Back to fall planting – In addition to giving your new tree the best possible start, autumn is a great time of year to buy new trees and shrubs because they are usually on sale!

Most stores have stopped bringing in new stock by now and put whatever is left on sale in order to move it out before winter…..but, here at Glover Nursery, we do the opposite. We bring in fresh new plants and instantly put them on sale. Why do we do that? Well, we know that it is such a great time of year to plant and we want to give our customers a great reason to take advantage of the season.

Glover Nursery Loves our Customers!

We love our customers so we started our fall sale early! Check out our September sale list here.

Now, if you are ready to add some trees to your landscape, come down and see us any time. We’re open 8am-6pm Monday through Saturday. You can also join our Facebook Group and stay up to date with current projects, sales, photo contests, plus other gardening tips and tricks.

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you find exactly what you want and to make sure it will thrive in your yard. See you soon!

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