Allee® Lacebark Elm Featured Product of the Month

Now is a great time to plant a tree! A product we love this month is one of our favorite trees to grow here in Utah: the Allee® Lacebark Elm. It is fast-growing, resistant to diseases and insects, and is also heat-tolerant. Take a look at it in our virtual catalog here

“This tree is practically bulletproof.”

~ Val Lindley of Glover Nursery

Allee® Lacebark Elm

This beautiful tree can tolerate all of Utah’s soil and water conditions.  While young, the canopy forms a vase shape which rounds out as the tree matures. 

This tree should not be confused with the  Siberian Elm which has invasive traits that enable them to spread  Siberian Elm aggressively and are not recommended. Rather, the Allee® Lacebark Elm is a tough, adaptable tree that will be a great addition to any Utah landscape and we recommend it for anyone planting trees in Utah. 

One of the most outstanding features of these trees is the stunning exfoliating bark which reveals hues of orange, gray, green, and brown as it grows.  

Allee® Lacebark Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) is a medium tree, typically reaching between 50 to 60 feet tall. Its bark, which gives it its name, resembles lace with its multi-colors and textures.

It also grows into an attractive rounded tree with pretty dark green leaves. Its leaves attract a variety of butterfly larvae and can also be home to an assortment of birds. It’s a great tree for nature lovers!

These trees prefer full to partial sun exposure throughout the day and are medium to fast-growing. If you’re hoping for shade in your yard soon, this tree is a good one to invest in. 

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Another great feature of the Allee® Lacebark Elm is its resistance to the Dutch elm disease. This is a disease that is deadly to most other types of elm trees. It’s also resistant to pests such as the elm leaf beetle and Japanese beetle. 

We told you, the Allee® Lacebark Elms is practically bulletproof!

Tree Care Tips:

When Allee® Lacebark Elms are young, careful training and staking will help them to grow into healthy, hardy trees. They’ll need to be watered bi-weekly during the first growing season to help the roots get properly established, Deep soakings, two to three times per week are more efficient than watering a little bit daily as the entire root ball needs to have moisture  Sprinkler water is not enough to saturate the rootball.  tree care tip

Once they are established, care is practically no-fuss. They’re fairly drought-tolerant trees but regular deep soakings throughout the year will yield a prettier, happier, and healthy tree. 

You can also fertilize your Allee® Lacebark Elm once or twice a year in the early spring or late autumn. We suggest applying a slow-release fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. 

Now, they may be bullet-proof but, they aren’t care proof! The Allee® Lacebark Elm requires some structural pruning to avoid breakage, especially in the winter. 

A tree can be one of the most defining elements to add to your garden. At Glover Nursery we work to bring in the best variety of trees that work specifically for the Salt Lake City Valley and surrounding areas.

Don’t forget we can deliver and plant your tree to help you get started. Deliveries and installations can be scheduled at the nursery by one of our associates, via email, phone, or in person.  We look forward to serving you soon. 


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