26+ Gifts for Gardeners Who Have Everything

Are you searching for the perfect gifts for the gardener who seems to have everything? Look no further. 

At Glover Nursery, we understand the nuances of gardening and the joy it brings. Our commitment to quality products and educational resources makes us the ideal destination for finding that unique gardening gift for any occasion.

Understanding Utah Gardening in the Salt Lake Valley8 Unique Gifts for Any Gardener

Utah’s Salt Lake Valley offers a distinctive environment for gardening; from secondary water, to clay vs. sandy soil, to our preference for drought tolerant plants, we know the challenges of gardening in Utah. 

The valley’s unique climate and soil conditions create a special gardening experience that our gifts aim to complement and enhance.

8 Unique Gifts for Any Gardener

While it may seem like your favorite gardener already has a garage full of tools that they need – there are certain tools that need to be upgraded every so often and others that fall under that “nice to have” list that we pass up in exchange for just one more plant instead. Any of the gifts below will help the gardener that you’re shopping for garden more efficiently and comfortably. 

Felco Pruners: 

These pruners are a gardener’s dream, perfect for precision cutting in both flower and vegetable gardens. They are created to last a lifetime, and they do.

Hip Holster Tool Belt:

 A practical accessory for any gardener, this belt keeps essential tools within arm’s reach.

Cushy Knee Pad: 

Essential for comfort during long gardening sessions, this knee pad is a thoughtful gift for avid gardeners. It is easy to move as you move through the garden, saving knees from unnecessary strain. 

Garden Gloves: Garden Gloves

We offer a variety of gloves at Glover Nursery, each tailored for different gardening tasks, ensuring hand protection and comfort.  Proper gloves reduce strain on skin, eliminating blisters and extending time spent enjoying garden care.

Dramm Watering Wands: 

These wands provide a gentle, even water flow, ideal for the diverse plants of the Salt Lake Valley. They distribute water evenly, similar to a rain shower, which eliminates soil being displaced from a strong force of water.

Yard Butler Tools: 

Versatile and durable, these tools are perfect for a range of gardening tasks.  They are multi-tasking tools which means less time going back and forth to the shed.

AM Leonard Soil Knife: 

A vital tool for any gardener in the valley, these knives are versatile for planting, weeding, and more.  The Soil Knife is a favorite tool of Glover Nursery team due to it’s diverse utility. 

Gift Cards: 

For the gardener who seems to have everything , our gift cards offer the freedom to select the perfect tools or plants.

Utah Gardening Gifts by Season

Tailor your gift to the season, whether it’s spring blooms or autumn harvests. Our seasonal gift suggestions make it easy to choose a gift that’s both timely and delightful.

Winter Garden GiftsGlover Nursery Gift Card


are a great gift to give in the winter. We recommend pruning shade trees at the end of February. This is also a good time to prune apple and pear trees. 

Plant Catalogs/Seeds

Winter is the perfect time to dream up what you’re going to plant in the spring. Sign your favorite gardener up for a few plant catalogs/garden magazines. If you know what their favorite seeds are, stop by your local nursery. Here at Glover Nursery we keep an incredible collection of seeds in stock. 

A Gardening Journal

The old joke with gardeners is that we all think we’ll remember what we planted right here last year… but who can remember with all that a garden demands? A good gardening journal can help your favorite gardener note reminders about sun position, what worked well (and what didn’t) and where they want to move that rose bush to in the fall next year. You don’t need to purchase a special journal any one that attracts your attention will do. Although a waterproof cover might help. 

Hoses & Watering Equipment

Your favorite gardener has probably just put away their watering equipment for winter and noted what might need to be replaced in the new year. Help them get a jump on their spring by purchasing new hoses, spray nozzles, timers or drip line connections. 

Power Equipment

Gardeners love their power tools as much as anyone – there’s no good reason to purchase during the winter months except to take advantage of the great sales that happen around Black Friday and in January when the New Year starts and inventory needs to move.

Spring Garden GiftsSpring Garden Gifts


Each season has unique items to prune. In the spring your gardener will want a hefty set of pruners to help with their peach, plum, cherry and apricot trees. They also may want to prune shade trees in the yard if they haven’t done so already. Spring is also a time to prune roses as soon as the leaf buds start to swell so a smaller pair of handheld pruners is perfect for this job.


Spring can be a time when gardeners are looking to move shrubs and divide/move perennials. A good garden shovel can help them dig and move those larger bushes and a trowel is great for digging small holes and splitting perennials. 


A good clean up after winter is a gardeners way to prep for the year. A new rake can help them prepare for spring in style. 


Annuals are flowers that only last for one season, but are powerhouse bloomers that are well worth adding to a garden for some bright and consistent color. Treat your favorite gardener to some annuals to help them add pops of color to their garden. 

Summer Garden Gifts

Pottery & Hanging Baskets

Summer is the height of color for a lot of gardeners. Gift them with unique pottery or hanging baskets for them to fill with their favorite thrillers, spillers and fillers! Here at Glover Nursery we make sure to stock a variety of unique pots to enhance any garden.


Annuals are flowers that only last for one season. Treat your favorite gardener to some annuals to help them add pops of color to their garden. 

Creepy Crawly Gifts

Some bugs are good while others are just pests! Gardeners love pollinators like bees and butterflies so gifting plants that attract pollinators are a safe bet. You can often purchase ladybugs and/or lacewings at your local garden store to help get rid of unwanted aphids. They’re a fun gift that keeps on giving. And on the deterrence side of things never underestimate the power of a good snail bait trap! 


Handheld pruners are a gardener’s friend in the summer. Between deadheading flowers and cleaning up flowering shrubs these will get a LOT of action in early summer. 

Trellis / Cages

If you’re looking for something that will enhance the garden for years to come a trellis can really add some beauty and interest to a yard. And if your gardener prefers to work in their vegetable patch investing in new cages for tomatoes, cucumbers, etc will be a welcome treat. 

Hoses & Watering EquipmentHoses & Watering Equipment

Here in the Salt Lake Valley we recommend that gardeners start turning on their sprinklers about May 1st (although we always recommend checking this  WEEKLY WATERING GUIDE) just to be sure. New hoses, spray nozzles, timers or drip line connections are great gifts if you’re looking to give in May or June. 

Fall Garden Gifts


Bulbs are planted in the fall for spectacular spring color. Your local nursery will have a variety to choose from. Here at Glover Nursery we love bringing in a wide variety of Tulips as well as other bulbs like, Daffodils, Crocus, Narcissus, Fritillaria, Allium and so many more.


Fall is a great time to plant a new tree. During the fall plants turn their energy from above ground production to below ground growth – meaning, their roots.   This means 80% of root establishment is done in the fall, which leads to a stronger and healthier plant in the spring. . If your favorite gardener has been looking to add a shade tree, privacy hedge or fruit tree to their garden this is the perfect time to gift it! At Glover Nursery we even have delivery and planting services available so your gardener wouldn’t have to lift a finger! 


Do not underestimate a giant pile of dirt! Gardeners love to spread mulch around our gardening beds in the fall to help tuck everything in for winter, retaining moisture and adding nutrients to the soil.  Plus, a fresh layer of mulch gives a lovely, clean appearance. 


Treat your favorite gardener to some annuals  for some pops of color in their garden. In the fall we recommend Mums, Asters, Pansies, Snap Dragons, Ornamental Cabbage and Kale.


A rake is practically synonymous with fall in the yard. Gardeners will use this non-stop as leaves are falling to keep lawns free from potential mold and disease issues. 

Trees as a GiftExperience Gift Ideas for Gardeners Who Have Everything

If your gardener truly has everything physical that they need, why not give them the gift of a gardening experience? 

Glover Nursery 101

Invite them to explore our Glover Nursery 101 series on YouTube. This is a free resource but will help them feel accomplished and “in the know.” Our expert staff leads you through seasonal gardening guidance and outlines what best to do if you live in Salt Lake Valley at any time of year. 

Landscape Design

If your gardener is constantly wondering what to put where or can’t decide which shrub to buy, a landscape design consultation or full landscape design will provide an immersive experience with long term payoffs.  Their landscape will be beautiful now, and for years to come.  

Note: Glover Nursery is not currently able to service areas that are more than 30 miles from West Jordan. 

Special Occasion Gifting for Gardeners

Personalize your gardening gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. We have thoughtful suggestions for every gardener, whether they’re women, men, moms, dads, or grandparents. If you’re looking for a birthday specific gift we recommend scrolling back up to our gifts by season guide. 

Christmas Gifts for Gardeners Christmas Tree as a Gift

In addition to our 8 unique gifts listed above which make great stocking stuffers or under the tree additions. Festive plants and decor that bring the spirit of the season are a great idea. From Poinsettias to Christmas Cactus, adding seasonal plants will bring cheer to your home and yard. We find that a lot of gardeners also put yard art on their Christmas list. This could be a statue, one of our unique drilled rock fountains or even a unique sign. 

Gifts for Gardeners – Women 

While all gardeners are the same in our eyes there are a few holidays that are specifically for women and we find that there are some very popular items that we sell each year. 

Mothers Day Gifts for Gardeners

On Mothers Day we find that our most popular gifts are Rose bushes, Lilac, Hydrangea and other flowering plants. Many families come in with the idea that why give mom a bouquet when instead you can buy her a plant that will gift her with fresh flowers all season long? 

Some other popular Mothers Day gifts for gardeners are pruners, gardening gloves, unique yard art and, of course, gift cards! 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Gardeners

When it comes to Valentine’s Day it is often too cold to dig or plant anything outside but that doesn’t mean your gardener will miss out on gifts for their favorite activities! Consider purchasing seeds and a seed kit so they can start their garden inside this year. Or pick a few potted houseplants to help them make it through the last few months of winter. 

Gifts for Gardeners – Men

Gardeners all tend to love the same gifts but we’ve found that there are certain items that do really well on a few special days during the year. 

Fathers Day Gifts for Gardeners

What do you get for the gardening dad? We recommend our top 8 unique gifts but if they have everything on that list, wowing them with a new tree or a drilled rock fountain are really popular options. If all else fails, give dad the gift of experience by sending him to the nursery with the kids and a gift card. He’ll love picking out new plants for the yard and making a memory with his kids. 

4th of July Gifts for Gardeners

While not solely for men we do find that when preparing for their big 4th of July BBQ families tend to come in for shade and seasonal color. We normally carry red, white and blue potted arrangements and hanging baskets which make for excellent host gifts. Not to mention, a good shade tree can make all the difference if Dad’s been standing in the sun slaving over his BBQ for the past few years. 

BulbsHow to Choose the Right Gardening Gifts

There are a few things to note when shopping for your gardener that will help guide you in the right direction. 

Take a note of the season. 

It’s fun to start using your gift right away so if you purchase a tool that is season specific they will get the joy of immediate gratification. This is especially important when searching for gifts for the gardener who has everything. Take note of our seasonal gift guide above.

Take note of their experience.

A new gardener probably doesn’t have all their basic tools yet. They may still be borrowing a wheelbarrow from their neighbors. So, scout out their tool shed and see what might be needed.  Whereas a more experienced gardener likely has all the tools they need, so would  appreciate gifts like annuals, a unique piece of yard art or a gift card so they can add a few things they may have been waiting to buy.  

Take note of where they live. 

We’ve written our gardeners gift guide to primarily help those who live in the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas. Much of this advice will work no matter where your gardener lives but definitely check with your local nursery to ensure that your gift will be useful. 

Your gardening gift is sure to bring  joy and fulfillment to your gardener’s life. The right gift can enrich their gardening experience, reinforcing the connection between the gardener, their garden, and nature.

Where to Buy Gardening Gifts in Utah/Salt Lake Valley

If you’re a local to Utah near  the Salt Lake Valley, you’re in luck. Since 1895 the Glover family  has been in the business of bringing the best quality nursery products to the Salt Lake City Valley and surrounding counties. At Glover Nursery, we specialize in plants, trees, shrubs, vegetables, and flowers that thrive here in Utah including a remarkable selection of native and drought tolerant plants.   

We look forward to helping you gift the love of gardening

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