Strategies for Garden Center Success

It is spring and we couldn’t be happier! We want you to make the most of springtime at your local nursery. These quick strategies for springtime success will help you be in and out and back home gardening in no time.

There is nothing a nursery loves more than filling up the aisles, table, and shelves with beautiful new stock for our customers to take home and turn into their own incredible creations.  From first time homeowners to established horticulturists, we have everything you need to help your garden grow (and, we LOVE helping!)

Spring PlantingMany gardeners enjoy wandering around and just relaxing with all the beautiful plants we have onsite. However, there are just as many that want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible. Getting home in order to get planting as soon as possible is a priority.

One thing we are often asked this time of year is how customers can have the greatest experience when everyone is shopping for their gardening needs at the same time.  There is no doubt, a sunny Saturday in May is as busy as can be. We are always striving to help each and every customer that walks through our gates. To ensure you have the absolute best experience possible, below are a few strategies that will help maximize your time and minimize unnecessary spending while at the

Strategies For Successnursery.

Strategy #1 – Know What You Want

Have an idea of what you are seeking.

For some people, this might be a full landscape design they are filling in. While for others it might be a photograph they found on Pinterest and a few measurements of an area you want to work on.

Whatever your needs, the basics to bring to the nursery are measurements and an idea. If you have some measurements of the area and an idea of what you might like, our team will be able to help you find the perfect fit.

You can check out some of our Pinterest Inspirations here.

Strategy #2 – Know Your Big Three

The Big ThreeKnow your BIG THREE! The type of soil you have, the type of water source you use and a general idea of the amount of sun an area gets.

Salt Lake City has a variety of soil types. There are some plants that will absolutely thrive in the sandy benches of the mountains that will not survive in the alkaline clay soil of the valley floor.  You can amend soil but it is best to know what you have to start with. This way we can make sure you don’t walk out with plants that will not do well in your area.

We have options in the nursery for all soil types, water types, and light sources. Let us help make sure you get something that will be happy in your yard (and, that you will be happy to have in your yard).

Strategy #3 – Avoid the Lines!Avoid the lines

While we all love weekend gardening it is by far the busiest time at any garden center. We do everything we can to keep our lines moving as quickly as possible, and to ensure that everyone gets the attention they need. However, it can be a long day for a customer wanting to just get home and plant their beautiful new items.

So, if you are able, try to come during a time that might be a little outside the box.  We have a great team available at all times during weekday business hours. They love to help and their expertise can be utilized more when the lines waiting for them are shorter.

Low Traffic Times


Monday through Thursday

If you are able to stop by the nursery during a weekday, you will find shorter lines and the best in the business eager to help you with everything you need.

Strategy #4 – Roots

RootsBigger pots mean bigger plants.  Obvious, yes, but this also means they will have stronger root systems. This allows for faster establishment and therefore quicker results for a finished landscape.  And, even more importantly, studies show that a larger root ball reduces the mortality rate when transplanted – saving both time and the hassle of having to replace something should it not survive.

There is often a debate of which size plant to buy, and it can be tricky with budgets vs. growing time.  One thing to consider, larger plants have been growing their roots for a longer time. This means they will establish faster and they will be better able to retain moisture between watering. Annuals tend to fill in quite quickly, so this doesn’t necessarily apply to them. However, perennials, shrubs, and trees are slower growing (depending on the variety). Purchasing the larger plants of these varieties means your yard will more quickly fill in and leaf out.

This might not seem like a time saver, but depending on your gardening goals, it very well may save you a few years of aggravation. We highly recommend more mature plants if you are trying to create something like a natural privacy screen or a beautiful rose garden.

Glover Nursery
Glover Nursery

So, that’s it.  Some strategies to help you have a great experience during the most wonderful time of the year – Spring gardening season!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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