Christmas Tree Tips & Tricks

Before selecting your tree:

  • Choose a site away from sources of heaters, vents and fireplaces.
  • Measure the area where your tree will be place so you select the right size tree.
  • If you have a tree stand, check the bowl is still properly sealed before setting up your tree. To do this:
    • Place it on some newspaper or cardboard.
    • Fill the bowl (attached to the stand) with water
    • Wait 10 minutes, then check to see if there is any water on the paper.
  • We recommend setting up a waterproof tarp under your stand before setting up the tree.

Caring for your Fresh-Cut tree:

  • Make sure your tree has a fresh cut on the trunk.
    • If you will not be able to place the tree in water 30-40 minutes after purchasing your tree, you will need to cut it at home.
  • Add Keeps-it-Green, or similar preservative, to the water to help the tree with better water absorption.
    • This product is not toxic and safe to use around kids and pets.  However, if you have an animal that consistently drinks out of the water bowl when it is full, it may temporarily cause an upset stomach.
  • Keep your tree stand’s basin filled with water, enough so that the bottom few inches of the trunk are always submerged.
    • Check the water level twice a day for the first week.  Trees will absorb water rapidly at first, but it will slow down.
    • If the water level falls below the bottom of the trunk, the tree will seal over and a fresh cut should made to prevent the tree from drying out.

After the holidays:

  • Utilize your city’s Tree Recycling program.
  • Dispose of your tree in your yard waste bin when you are finished enjoying your tree for the season

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