Dormant Spray, Part 1

Winter is nearly over. Here at Glover Nursery we are getting ready to begin our spring gardens. One of the best ways to prepare for spring is to use Dormant Spray on your garden. Dormant Spray is a generic term for sprays used on trees and shrubs during the fall or winter when plants are fully or partly dormant (resting).
Dormant Spray

What is a Dormant Spray?
Dormant Spray can be created with Dormant Oil or Horticultural Oil. These are highly refined mineral oils which are mixed with water prior to application. Those interested in organic gardening will be happy to note that this oil mixture is considered an acceptable pesticide for organic gardens.

How do Dormant Sprays work?
Dormant Sprays help control some insects and diseases by suffocating overwintering insects and eggs as well as fungal spores. Dormant Spray’s are best applied when current temperatures are above 40 degrees and when there are no open buds or leaves on the trees or shrubs. At Glover Nursery our temperatures are just about right to start Dormant Spraying.
TIP: Oils can be used on conifers as well but they may remove the bluish coloring from some conifers.

We would like to note that Liquid Copper, Lime-Sulfur and Bordeaux Mix are also considered Dormant Sprays and are used mostly to control diseases. Do not mix products containing Copper or Sulfur together or spray them on the same plant within a 2 week period or you may see damage to the plant.  Always read and follow the label directions.

Any Questions?
Contact Glover Nursery and we can recommend the exact product you should use to spray on your garden. Whether you have a small organic vegetable garden or a lush landscaped yard, we have the product that’s right for you.


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