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Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

A backyard wildlife habitat is a rewarding and impactful way in which individuals can help restore balance. As natural wildlife habitats decline for many valuable creatures, including safe habitats for pollinators we depend on, so do their critical populations. Creating a backyard wildlife habitat creates a sanctuary. To create a habitat for animals and beneficial insects provide items from each of the following categories:


Native plants, nectar, seeds, nuts, fruit, berries, foliage, pollen or supplemental feeders


Bird baths, ponds, rain gardens, container water gardens or butterfly puddling area. We have a large selection of fountains in stock at Glover Nursery to choose from. 


Create places wildlife can take shelter, hide from and stalk prey. Dead trees, ground covers, rocks, crevices, dense shrubs, evergreens or brambles to name a few

A Place to Raise Their Young

Mature trees, meadow, nesting boxes, host plants for caterpillars, dense shrubs or water garden

Sustainable Gardening Practices

Conserve soil and water, control exotic species, implement organic gardening practices

Visit the National Wildlife Federation’s website for more information and consider certifying your outdoor space as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat at

If you want to focus on butterflies or bees we’ve got a post for that. Just click the link below.

Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden

Attracting Native Bees 

And if you’re wondering why a buzzing backyard habitat is a good thing check out The Buzz About Bees from our friends at Gardners Path.

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