Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Landscaping

First impressions matter, so when it comes to your home, curb appeal plays a significant role. One of the first things guests see, it sets the tone for what lies beyond your front door. Investing in landscaping can have a positive impact on the overall impression of your home, not to mention it can significantly increase property value! In this blog post, we will explore the importance of curb appeal and how landscaping enhances the appeal. 

How Does Landscaping Enhance Curb Appeal?

Landscaping is more than just planting a few flowers or trimming the hedges. It’s a strategic process that can transform the look and feel of your yard. Incorporating elements of color, design, and structure can create a visually appealing and inviting space.

Take The First Step

The first thing to do if you wish to add more curb appeal to your home is to assess your front yard. Walk around your front yard with a paper and pad, take a look at your surroundings, and jot down things that you’d like to improve. This can range from pruning, weeding, and watering, to a full makeover. Once you understand the scope of what is needed for your ideal yard, you’ll have a comprehensive to-do list of tasks to tackle.

Before you start your landscaping project, do you know what your goal or vision is? Maybe it’s just getting rid of all the dead plants, beautifying a curb with color, or making your space look more minimalistic and modern. Look around your neighborhood for inspiration and when you’re ready for a landscaping consultation or design, let us help you out!

Have You Flipped Your Strip?

Here at Glover Nursery, we’re huge fans of the popular “Flip Your Strip” trend that has been going on for a few years. It is an easy way to boost your curb appeal, reduce your water usage, and maybe even get cash back from the state via a rebate! What a great way to create a sustainable and beautiful front yard. Click here to see if you’re eligible for a rebate.

Create a Welcoming EntrywayCreate a Welcoming Entryway

The front entrance is typically the focal point of a home’s exterior. So if you’re thinking about only giving your park strip a makeover, consider additions to create a more welcoming entryway to your home. 

A couple of easy additions that can add charm and character are decorative planters and chat pathways. 

We carry pre-planted baskets that you can add to your front patio. And if you’re looking to create your own stunning planter, remember the planter motto! “Always include Thrillers, Spillers, and Fillers in each planter to make a truly beautiful design.”

Swing on by Glover Nursery to see the options we have available, and be sure to consider our landscape consultation and design services.

Design The Perfect Plant Palette

When you choose the right plants for your front yard, you create a visually stunning landscape to admire. 

Think about adding a mix of annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees for different colors, depths, and textures. 

Pro tip: Select plants that bloom at different times of the year to ensure a vibrant display all year round.

Try hummingbird mint hyssop (Agastache) for color in the summer, a Norway maple for the fall, English ivy in the winter, or ‘coralburst’ crabapple for spring blooms. Find more info on landscaping for color all year long here.

To ensure you select plants that will thrive in your climate, soil, and maintenance preferences, speak to an expert at Glover Nursery for more guidance.

Long for Luscious LawnsLong for Luscious Lawns

What do you think of when you see a green lawn without any dry, yellow splotches? That it’s healthy, right? Enhancing your lawn and green spaces is a vital part of any healthy and appealing yard. 

To ensure your lawn is as healthy as can be, maintenance is key, which includes fertilization, regular mowing, and watering

Top 3 tips for maintaining your lawn in drought conditions.

& Be sure you’re on the lookout for lawn fungus! Find out how to spot and treat lawn fungus here.

Turn Heads With Eye-Catching Features

Whether it’s a plastic rainbow windmill your kid stuck into a planter or a large trellis covered in blooming vines, consider adding a few elements to your front yard that’ll have heads turning.

If you’re looking to add more functionality to your yard, try hardscaping elements like pathways, patios, or retaining walls.

Decorative structures like arbors, pergolas, or trellises will add architectural interest and provide support for any of your climbing plants.

For a soothing experience in your yard, add the sound of bubbling water with a drilled rock water feature or fountain. They instantly create that tranquil ambiance and help to bring birds and butterflies into the area.

Focus on Irrigation

Proper irrigation is essential for maintaining healthy plants and conserving water to avoid water waste. By giving your plants the right amount of water, you’ll help them thrive while minimizing water consumption. & Don’t Make These Drought-Tolerant Landscape Mistakes!

Maintain That Curb Appeal

If you have a hard time remembering when you have to mow or make time to water, set up a schedule for yourself! Add it to your phone’s calendar as a repeating event, or add it to your daily to-do list. 

Routine mulching, pruning, and weeding will help keep your yard looking tidy and healthy. Consider the seasonal needs of your front yard and adapt your landscaping accordingly. For complex tasks or regular upkeep, it’s worth considering professional help to ensure your front yard continues to impress year-round.

We have a Facebook Group where we share tips about what you can do in your yard each month as well as educate you about pruning, mulching, planting, and more. It’s free to join! See you there.

Transforming your curb into a captivating and welcoming space is within your reach. Don’t hesitate to take action and start the journey toward a front yard that will leave a lasting impression on all who visit. Reach out to Glover Nursery for your landscape consultation and design needs so we can help turn your vision into a reality. Your dream front yard awaits!


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