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Glover Nursery

Glover Nursery Leaf Welcome to Utah's first family nursery.

A huge selection of beautiful healthy plants, soil, mulches, rocks, pond supplies and garden accessories sits on 10 scenic acres in West Jordan, Utah. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members are ready to help you with all of your gardening needs. Whether you are looking to fill a container with colorful annuals or landscape an entire yard, Glover Nursery has the materials and the expertise to get the job done. Our Nursery has one of the largest selections of plants in Utah. From our large shade trees to an impressive perennials department, we are proud of our plants and our people.

December Gardening Tips

It’s time to put the toys away, gardening season is about over. Drain the hoses and put them away. The fuel in power equipment should be used up or drained; change the spark plugs and sharpen blades. Clean, oil and sharpen hand tools. Store all tools indoors to keep them from rusting.

Order seed catalogues and review your gardening journal.

Tree Care:


• Trees and shrubs, especially evergreens, should be watered heavily going into winter and should be watered during periods of winter drought. Also deep soak any plants that may be in the rain shadow of other plants or buildings.

• Apply anti-transpirant, such as Wilt Pruf, to evergreen trees and shrubs to prevent moisture loss during drying winter weather.

Flower and Shrub Beds:


• Wrap evergreens shrubs like arborvitae and upright junipers to protect them from breaking and bending with a heavy snow load. Burlap tree wrap or jute twine work well for this.

• Prevent salt damage to trees and shrubs by using ice melter substitutes like sand or fertilizer.

• Plant your bulbs if you have not had a chance to do so.

• Clean up all debris and leaves around roses. Dispose of leaves if your roses had any disease problems. Do not compost diseased leaves.

• Mulch roses to protect the graft union during the cold winter months.

• Roses should be pruned if they are over-grown and are vulnerable to breakage from snow load. However your heavy pruning should be done in the spring when the leaf buds start to swell.

• If you have shrubs or trees that need to be moved this would be the best time to do so.



• Stop feeding fish if you haven’t already.

• Cut back aquatic plant leaves if you haven’t already.

• Remove any organic debris that falls into your pond, like leaves and twigs.



• To help prevent disease, keep leaves raked off the lawn and mow the lawn short for the winter.


For additional information the Utah State Extension Service web site is very helpful.

Happy Holidays from the plant geeks at Glover Nursery!



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