Water Lilies

Water Lily Varieties

Hardy Water Lilies


Shell-pink flowers. Unusal olive-green leaves, splashed with yellow, pink, cream or red. 4-5′ spread.


Garnet-red flowers. Green leaves. Tolerant of water 40” deep, and will bloom in partial shade. 4-5′ spread.

Attorney Elrod

Deep-red, fragrant flowers stay open late. Small root systems makes it a good choice for container gardens. 3-4′ spread.

Barbara Dobbins

Soft-yellow flowers blushed with pink to apricot, stand high out of the water. Great Bloomer. 5-7′ spread.

Berit Strawn

Deep peach to pink flowers. Heavily mottled leaves. Small plant, great chioce for tub gardens. 2-4′ spread

Black Princess

Dark-red, peony shaped flowers the first day out, turning almost black by day three. 4-6′ spread.

Charlene Strawn

Light-yellow flowers, one of the most fragrant. Can tolerate partial shade. Mottled leaves. 3-5′ spread.

Charlie’s Choice

Blushed, bright-red flowers, darker at base. Dark green leaves, some mottling. Great for tub gardens. 2-3′ spread


Canary-yellow flowers. Very adaptable, can be grown 6 – 48” deep and in partial shade. Good for any size pond.

Clyde Ikins

Peachy-yellow, pink to apricot, double flowers. Blooms well late into the season. Strong fragrance. 6-8′ spread.


Salmon-pink flowers stand 3-4” above the water. Blooms well late into the season. Mottled leaves. 3-5′ spread.


Tri-color, red inner petals, with pink and white on the outer petals. Can tolerate water 48” deep. 4′-5′ spread.

Cynthia Ann

Peach flowers stand 2-3” above water. Pleasant fragrance. Good for tub gardens and small ponds. 2-3′ spread.


Pink, double, peony like flowers. A very nice pink, makes good cut flowers. Large green leaves. 4-6′ spread.


Creamy-yellow, double flowers. Slighty ovate, green leaves with faint mottling. Good bloomer. 3-4′ spread.


Vibrant red flowers, with strong fragrance. Smaller lily, great chioce for container gardens. 2-3′ spread


Deep burgundy-red flowers. Green leaves, almost perfectly round. Great for tub gardens. 2′-3′ spread.

Georgia Peach

Beautiful peach flowers, lighten to yellow the last day, and stand 3-4” above water. Mottled leaves. 3-5′ spread.


Candy-apple-red flowers, unbundant on established plants. Bronze new leaves mature to green. 4-5′ spread.,


Snow-white, multi-double flowers have a pleasant fragance, stay open later in the day. Green leaves. 3-4′ spread.

Helvola Pygmy

Abundant, 2-3” yellow flowers. 3-4” heavily mottled leaves. Smallest hybrid. Exceptional for contianer gardens.


Paper-white flowers. Heart shaped lime green leaves. A great white for container gardens. 24”-30” spread..


Apricot flowers, change to orange, then orange-red. Mottled leaves. Excellent for contianer gardens. 30” spread.

James Brydon

Brilliant rose-red flowers. Green leaves. Can be grown in water up to 48” and in partial shade. 3-4′ spread.

Joey Tomocik

One of the brightest yellows. Blooms are held high above the water. Tolerates water 48” deep. 4-5′ spread.

Laydekeri Fulgens

Vivid burgandy-red flowers. One of the first to bloom in spring and one of the last to stop in fall. 4-5′ spread.

Lemon Chiffon

Soft-yellow, double flowers, contrast well with dark-green, mottled leaves. Tolerant of part shade. 2-4′ spread.

Lily Pons

Medium to light-pink, mulit-double flowers.(up to 100 petals!) Blooms best when given room to grow. 4-6′ spread.

Little Sue

First day peach flowers darken to peach-orange with red streaking the third. Good for tub gardens. 2′-3′ spread.

Manee Red

Brilliant double red, fragrant flowers. Free Flowering with green pads. 4′-6′ Spread.

Mangkala Ubol

Fragrant, double petaled, peach flowers. Early bloomer, non stop from spring into fall. Mottled leaves. 3-5′ spread.


Large, fragrant, fuchsia-pink flowers open wide and sit just on top of the water. Green to plum leaves. 6-8′ spread.


A classic. Flowers are often described as glowing. Red inner petals, outer petals pink with white tips. 4-6′ spread.

Mexicana Pygmy

Small yellow flowers are held high above the water. Green pads with purple variegation. Great for container gardens.

Miss Siam

Shocking, electric-pink flowers contrast nicely with the solid green leaves. Prolific bloomer. 4-6′ spread.


Luminous, shell-pink outer petals, inside row yellow to orange. Will grow in water 6′ and shade tolerant. 3-5′ spread.

Patio Joe

Blushed, pinky-peach flowers held 3-4” above water. Nice fragrance. Green leaves, slight mottling. 3-5′ spread.

Paul Hariot

Inner orange petals, outer peach petals, deepen in color each day out. Great for container gardens. 2-4′ spread.

Perry’s Baby Red

Waxy, deep-red flowers. New purple leaves mature to green. Fantastic for container gardens. 20-30” spread.

Perry’s Double White

Pure white, double flowers. Free flowering. Very long bloom season. One of the best whites. 4-5′ spread.

Perry’s Fire Opal

Very rich-pink, fragrant flowers. Blooms well in restricted areas, making it useful in container gardens. 3-4′ spread.

Pink Grapefruit

Pink outer petals progress to soft yellow toward inner petals. Strong fragrance. Tolerates 48” water. 4–6′ spread.

Pink Opal

Coral-pink flowers,held 3-5” high above the water. Sweet Fragrance. Green, nearly round leaves. 2-3′ spread.

Pink Sensation

Rich, rosy-pink flowers stay open very late, longer than any of other hardy pinks. Green leaves. 3-4′ Spread.

Pink Sparkle

Flamboyant, pink, star shaped flowers. A tiny dancer with enthusiastic jazz hands. Blooms in part shade. 3-4′ spread.

Queen of Whites

Large, crisp, clean, white flowers. Will tolerate water 48” deep and partial shade. Great bloomer. 4-6′ spread.

Red Spider

Crinkled, frosted, red petals become deeper and more intense red toward the center. Mottle leaves. 2-3′ spread.

Siam Sunset

Fragrant flowers are sunny-peach to apricot, glowing yellow in the center. Heavy Bloomer. Mottled lvs. 3-4′ spread.


Flower color deepens each day, yellow-apricot, apricot, then orange-red. Blooms stay open late. 3-4′ spread.

Steven Strawn

Bright red-orange flowers with yellow undertones toward outer petals. Dark green leaves with flecking. 3-5′ spread.

Sun Fire

Copius amounts of electrified hot-pink flowers with yellow or orange centers. Shade tolerant & 6′ depths. 4-5′ spread.

Super Red

Brilliant glowing-red flowers stay open later later in the day than most lilies. Good chioce for deep water. 5-6′ spread.

Sweet Pea

Bright-pink, cup-shaped flowers with uniquely rounded petals. Strong sweet anise or licorice smell. Tolerant of 6′ depths.


Pygmy White water lily. Smallest of all the white lilies. Exceptional for container gardens. 2-3′ Spread.


Large, sulfur-yellow flowers. Plants found naturally in Florida. Tolerates part shade and water up to 6′. 4-6′ spread.

Texas Dawn

Profusions of large yellow, lemon scented flowers, held high above the water. Green, speckled leaves. 4-5′ spread.


White, immaculately conceived flowers are born in abundance as if by some sort of miracle. Reluctant spreader.

Walter Pagels

Ivory-white flowers stand just above the water. A nice small white lily suitable for container gardens. 2-3′ spread.


Variable flowers. Salmon, orange-red, solid yellow, speckeld or a combo on individual petals. Amazing! 3-5′ spread.

Yellow Queen

Rich fragrant yellow flowers open earlier in the morning than other yellows. Nice heavily mottled leaves. 4-5′ spread.

Hardy Intersubgeneric Waterlilies
(Hybrids between Tropical and Hardy)

Fay Mcdonald

Variations thoughout the season of slate-blue, indigo to amethyst flowers. Sweet fragrance. Fantastic bloomer.

Purple Fantasy

Deep-purple flowers with yellow center are held high above the water. Contrasting green leaves. Prolific bloomer.

Tropic Star

Exotic, fuchsia-pink flowers with sunny yellow centers and tangerine-orange stamens. Prolific, fragrant blooms.


Variable flower color ranges from royal-purple, violet, amethyst to blueberry. Profuse, fragrant flowers.

Siam Purple 2

Recognized as being the first hardy blue or violet hardy water lilies in the world. Lovely light purple flowers.

Queen Sirikit

Intense, royal-purple, cup shaped flowers. Green pads. Shy bloomer. Medium spread.

Tropical Waterlilies

Blue Aster

Electric Blue-Purple flowers. Beautiful green leaves with heavy maroon mottling. Good bloomer.

Green Smoke

Unique smokey-blue, flowers. pads are green with bronze flecking. 3-5′ spread. good bloomer.

Plum Crazy

Spectacular double, plum-purple flowers with a high petal count. Striking Maroon streaking on the pads.

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