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Deer Resistant Plants

Although no plant is deer-proof, (Hungry deer will eat just about anything!) some plants are more resistant and less likely to find themselves as a tasty treat. Below is a list of more deer-resistant plants.


  • Allium
  • Alyssum
  • Anemone
  • Aster
  • Astilbe
  • Avens - Geum
  • Baby's Breath - Gypsophila
  • Bergenia
  • Blanket Flower - Gaillardia
  • Boltonia
  • Beard Tongue - Penstemon
  • Bee Balm - Monarda
  • Blacked-eyed Susan - Rudbeckia
  • Bleeding Heart - Dicentra
  • Blue-eyed Grass - Sisyrinchium
  • Butterfly Flower - Asclepias
  • Calla Lily - Zantedeschia
  • Candytuft - Iberis sempervirens
  • Canterbury Bells - Campanula
  • Carpet Bugle - Ajuga
  • Catmint - Nepeta
  • Cinquefoil - Potentilla
  • Columbine - Aquilegia
  • Coneflower - Echinacea
  • Coreopsis
  • Cranesbill - Geranium
  • Crocosmia
  • Daffodil - Narcissus
  • Dame's Rocket - Hesperis matronalis
  • Daylily - Hemerocallis
  • Dead Nettle - Lamium
  • Dwarf Lavender Cotton - Santolina
  • Epimedium
  • Euphorbia
  • Feather Grass - Stipa Gigantea
  • Fescue Grass - Festuca
  • Flax - Linum
  • Foamflower - Tiarella
  • Forget-me-not - Myosotis sylvatica
  • Foxglove - Digitalis
  • Geum
  • Goldenrod - Solidago
  • Gooseneck Loosestrife - Lysimachia
  • Helen's Flower - Helenium
  • Hellebore - Helleborus
  • Hens & Chicks - Sempervirens
  • Hollyhock - Alcea rosea
  • Jacob's Ladder - Polemonium
  • Jerusalem Sage - Phlomis
  • Jupiter's Beard - Centranthus
  • Lady's Mantle - Alchemilla
  • Lamb's Ears - Stachys
  • Lavender - Lavandula
  • Lungwort - Pulmonaria
  • Meadow Rue - Thalicturm
  • Monkshood - Aconitum
  • Mullein - Verbascum
  • Needle Grass - Stipa tenuissima
  • New Zealand Flax - Phormium
  • Oregano - Origanum
  • Ozark Sundrops - Oenothera
  • Peony - Paeonia
  • Periwinkle - Vinca minor
  • Phlox
  • Poppy - Papaver
  • Red Hot Poker - Kniphofia
  • Rock Cress - Aubretia
  • Rock Soapwort - Saponaria
  • Russian Sage - Perovskia
  • Sage - Salvia
  • Santolina
  • Scabiosa
  • Sea Lavender Statice - Limonium
  • Sedges - Carex
  • Sedum
  • Siberian Iris - Iris
  • Silene
  • Snow-in-summer - Cerastium
  • Speedwell - Veronica
  • Stonecrop - Sedum
  • Sweet Violet - Viola odorata
  • Sweet Woodruff - Galium
  • Thrift - Armeria
  • Thyme - Thymus
  • Verbena
  • Wall Flower - Cherianthus
  • Wormwood - Artemesia
  • Yarrow - Achillea


  • Beech - Fagus
  • Birch - Betula
  • Flowering Cherry - Prunus
  • Cypress - Chamaecyparis
  • Dawn Redwood - Metasequoia
  • Dogwood - Cornus
  • White Fir - Abies
  • Ginkgo
  • Hawthorn - Crataegus
  • Canadian Hemlock - Tsuga
  • Honeylocust - Gleditsia
  • Hornbeam - Carpinus
  • Larch - Larix
  • Magnolia
  • Maple - Acer
  • White Pine - Pinus
  • Redbud - Cercis
  • Russian Olive - Elaeagnus
  • Serviceberry - Amelanchier
  • Silk Tree - Albizia
  • Spruce - Picea
  • Sweetgum - Liquidambar
  • Willow - Salix


  • Clematis
  • Honeysuckle - Lonicera
  • Boston Ivy - Parthenocissus
  • English Ivy - Hedera
  • Silver Lace - Polygonum
  • Trumpet Vine - Campsis
  • Wisteria


  • Barberry - Berberis
  • Bearberry - Archtostaphyllos
  • Beautybush - Kolkwitzia
  • Boxwood - Buxus
  • Butterfly Bush - Buddleia
  • Cotoneaster
  • Daphne
  • Dogwood - Cornus
  • Forsythia
  • Holly - Ilex
  • Hydrangea
  • Juniper - Juniperus
  • Kerria
  • Lilac - Syringa
  • Mockorange - Philadelphus
  • Oregon Grape - Mahonia
  • Pieris
  • Pine - Pinus
  • Privet - Ligustrum
  • Potentilla
  • Pyracantha
  • Smoketree - Cotinus
  • Spiraea
  • Weigela
  • Witch Hazel - Hamamelis
  • Yucca

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Susan Contreras
Susan Contreras
00:56 21 May 23
What a great variety of healthy plants and trees! We didn't bring our truck, so we stuck with... smaller purchases this time. So organized that the large number of people were able to move around easily and checkout was pretty quick! They did run out of Basil, Cilantro, and I didn't see flat leaf Parsley. But it is getting that time of year and is to be more
Benjamin Johnston
Benjamin Johnston
21:04 16 May 23
Overall a 5 star experience most times, but I found it odd today when purchasing a plant that I'd... never grown before and needed information on. I stood in line at the info desk for awhile before an older gentleman employee asked me what questions I had. Instead of answering, he simply referred me to the planting instructions which came with the plant even after I explained that I'd read the plastic tab and still had additional questions that the tab didn't cover. Google was more helpful, but I wanted the experience from a grower for this region's weather/soil/environment.I'd purchased the plant already from them before waiting in line, otherwise I'd probably have just not bothered given the cost and their disinterest in wanting to help it grow.I'll still come back given the huge range of plants that are not always found elsewhere in the valley, but I wont' bother asking for help on a more
16:30 14 May 23
Staying Closed on Sundays makes Saturdays so crowded that lines are uncomfortable and the tiny... parking lot is genuinely dog eat dog. They used to be open on Sundays. Gardening on a Sunday is an American tradition. Suffering on Saturday just to buy a few plants is the opposite of why people choose gardening as a hobby or past more
rosalie hancey
rosalie hancey
01:29 12 Apr 23
Debbie was our salesperson and she was the most helpful and fun person to walk around with in the... snow and mud! 5 stars for Debbie!!! Love her!! Amber was also really personable. Our installers were a dream team also. Ben, Parley, Keelyn, and Juan are the toughest guys I know!We paid for our trees, but on the day of delivery they changed the price of one of the trees, requiring us to pay more
M. Casey Taylor
M. Casey Taylor
18:52 28 Feb 23
These guys are awesome! I was stuck in construction traffic in front of the shop and arrived at... 5:00 (closing time) and they stayed open an extra few minutes so I could buy a gift card for my moms surprise birthday party. Excellent costumer service!read more
Michael Riley
Michael Riley
21:21 27 Oct 22
Jessica at Glover Nursery is so awesome to work with! I had a large landscape project and she was... incredibly helpful every step of the way. I will be a longtime customer of Glover Nursery because of her help and attention to detail. Thank you!read more
Taymour Semnani
Taymour Semnani
01:55 12 Oct 22
Fun place to shop, friendly customer service, willing to work with you. They offered me discounts... and freebies just because. They earned their great reputation. Don’t hesitate to spend your money more
Lizzie Bauman
Lizzie Bauman
17:11 11 Oct 22
The plants and flowers are beautiful, the grounds well-maintained, and the staff is incredibly... knowledgeable about EVERY plant on the property.The only downside is the prices. This place is pricey, but you get what you pay for.Parking is rough on more
Kevin P
Kevin P
14:32 19 Aug 22
We love Glover Nursery. We're from northern Davis County so we don't make it often, but when we do... it's a good experience. The ONLY reason for the lack of 5 stars, is because we've called ahead to confirm inventory and shown up to discover that the info over the phone was inaccurate and they didn't have what we asked for. I give the benefit of the doubt that maybe the items sold between our phone call and arrival, but in speaking to other employees they'd tell us they hadn't had them in stock for weeks.Oh well, they have an awesome selection of other items and the employees are always helpful and knowledgeable. We love coming here and looking more
19:04 15 May 22
Huge selection and very helpful and knowledgeable staff. I’ve bought may plants from them and all... but one have survived, and it was hassle free to return the one that didn’t. I love that they have multiple size selections for plants so that I don’t have to get a tree that’s huge already if I don’t want to. I also appreciate that they label where things are at so that you can find things if you are looking for something more
Amy Bauman
Amy Bauman
17:54 13 May 22
I highly suggest this nursery - the only reason it only got a 4-star is because they are very... pricey. Great help, great products, just way too expensive. Parking is a real bear too - I'd suggest going off-hours for the best parking. Even on the busiest weekend, the employees keep up with the check out lanes so the wait to check out has never taken more than 10 minutes.Best nursery I've found in Salt Lake more
s c
s c
21:51 23 Apr 22
Great plants, shrubs and trees! Awesome staff! Great warranty! I've purchased ... everything...soil, annuals, perennials,shrubs and trees I will always purchase from Glover!Awesome staff! Best selection!read more
Tia Johansen
Tia Johansen
21:30 17 Mar 22
Picked up some seeds today. Everyone was very helpful.Three years later this is still a place I... visit very couple of weeks. Great selection and more
Bill Thompson
Bill Thompson
18:26 09 Dec 21
I have bought everything from garden supplies, bedding plants, trees and even Christmas trees from... Glover's for more than 30 years. They have a great selection, are honest, and stand behind what they sell. They are the best of the best!read more
Alexis Nixon
Alexis Nixon
20:47 02 Oct 21
Rett was AMAZING! So helpful and knowledgeable. He helped us pick the best tree, we're so... excited!!! Definitely come here. 10/10read more
Rhonda Roth
Rhonda Roth
19:18 18 Sep 21
We have been frequenting Glover Nursery quite a bit while we are re-landscaping out back yard. We... have found their staff to be extremely helpful and very honest. Their staff have guided us toward better plant selection many times to help meet our desire to have low-water plants as much as possible. They also offer up to 5-year warranties on many of their larger plants and trees, if you use certain products when planting. We will continue to return to Glover time and time again for our landscaping needs!read more
Nathan McCleery
Nathan McCleery
16:58 18 Sep 21
They could do a little better on approaching customers and offering to help, especially in the tree... section. They carry lots of healthy plants and have good advice. They offer services to help you if you aren't ready to do it on your more
Deborah Sax
Deborah Sax
13:23 07 Sep 21
Amazing selection- prices are competitive with Home Depot and Lowe’s. They keep the native plants... out much longer in the season- once Home Depot and Lowe’s have cleared their shelves. They have way more choices than you’ll find anywhere else for all variety of plants and more
23:53 03 Sep 21
After shopping six different nurseries in the last couple of days looking for specific trees I... wanted, I visited this place. This is really a gold-star type place. Great variety and reasonable prices in a beautiful setting. Their customer service was very good. Helpful people willing to assist and answer questions. I’m sure I’ll be a regular customer here. Well more
Jason Harris
Jason Harris
17:22 07 Aug 21
They have an amazing variety of plants, and the nursery is so easy to navigate with signs pointing... you to where you need to go. Ordered 77 plants and 3 trees from them and they all arrived looking healthy and vibrant.Ordered mulch this summer as well, and they gave a quick refund when we accidently ordered one too many truck loads of mulch.Have a few plants that are struggling after being planted. If they don't make it I am anxious to see how seamless the plant warrantee more
Natalie Barnes
Natalie Barnes
03:27 21 Jul 21
Tons of beautiful plants: flowers, trees, shrubs, and more. Lots of decor, statues, fountains, etc.... Helpful staff. Love coming more
Kenneth Hixson
Kenneth Hixson
02:52 09 Jul 21
Fantastic nursery. Every tree we have gotten here has done really well. Very knowledgeable and... polite staff!read more
vivian Dowsett
vivian Dowsett
04:26 22 Jun 21
If you are fortunate enough to have Bret help you, he's the man! I had a list of plant material... for my xeriscaped front yard and he helped me find the best looking plants and was very patient and knowledgeable when I wanted to change the plan a bit. I found all the 50+ plants I was looking for. Highly more
Sheila Passey
Sheila Passey
19:11 19 May 21
We love Glover because they have pretty much whatever you might need. The employees are always very... courteous and helpful as well as knowledgeable. The price point might be a little higher than WalMart, Costco, or Home Depot but the quality of product and service are likely a little higher, too. Choose carefully what time of day you go because they are always so busy!!read more
Aymee Renissa
Aymee Renissa
18:08 15 May 21
Beautiful nursery but everyone still has the bug to garden so a lot of items were out if any at... all. No fault to their own. Watched an employee getting upset with a man because he did not stop to show her his receipt instantly. Perhaps had she been doing more than sitting in a corner she would not have to yell at more
Claire Donnelly
Claire Donnelly
03:50 15 May 21
The best nursery in Utah. Good customer service. Fair prices and high quality plants and goods.... Love it more
Jonathan Williams
Jonathan Williams
02:46 07 May 21
Very helpful and their selection of plants and trees is HUGE! We purchased trees here last week and... they had many employees who were knowledgeable and helpful. Loading was easy too. This place is the best for plants and more
Jenny Walsh
Jenny Walsh
05:44 16 Apr 21
Glover is by far my favorite nursery in the valley. Not only do they have a huge selection of... perennials annuals and trees, but everything is organized and labeled in a way that makes it easy and fun to shop and find what you need. I don’t even live close to Glover, but I happily drive past 5 closer nurseries to get to them!read more
Charami Boyter
Charami Boyter
06:08 05 Apr 21
Hydrangea Heaven! I love this place and have spent hours roaming around their grounds. I love that... the employees are knowledgeable but not pushy, friendly but not overbearing and that the prices are reasonable. They also have lots of hard to find varieties, like the yellow raspberry plant I was searching for last year. Also, lovely fountains and unique statues. I can't wait to get there this year and start planting!**Would also like to give a huge shout-out to Jessica for helping me out and saving me hours of time the other day! She really went above and beyond and it was SO helpful to have someone fun and knowledgeable to shop with. Thanks Jessica!read more
Robert Noble
Robert Noble
05:13 05 Apr 21
Great quality plants and service. Will give you a five year guarantee on some plants if you use... their mycorrizae (Mykes) product. Definitely worth it. I've only had to return one plant out of many. Can't beat that!read more
Anthony Duncan
Anthony Duncan
01:11 04 Apr 21
Always very knowledgeable about whatever questions I have about landscaping. Also very helpful in... assisting me to get the right plant or more
Trae Collier
Trae Collier
03:25 03 Apr 21
Great selection with an easy following layout to find exactly what you need. Unique and interesting... garden ornaments at reasonable prices to decorate your gardenread more
Michael Hudson Jr
Michael Hudson Jr
04:21 26 Mar 21
They had everything we needed, and some things we did not ! Great experience all around! Will... return to get all of our gardening needs!read more
Stephanie Bergeson
Stephanie Bergeson
17:16 16 Mar 21
This is our favorite nursery. The staff is always helpful and knowledgeable. They have an awesome... selection of cool plants, bushes and trees that varies throughout the season. Good warranties on a lot it too. We're rookie gardeners and most of we've planted from here has done well so more
Trisha Kingston
Trisha Kingston
12:44 16 Mar 21
Awesome selection. Higher prices than most places on trees etc, prob because they sale to prof... gardeners, but decent on some smaller plants. Go to for hard to find more
Brian Gull
Brian Gull
22:27 16 Jan 21
Love this place! Great people, great selection of trees and plants.
Amy Reed
Amy Reed
04:02 06 Dec 20
This is the third year in a row that we have purchased our Christmas tree at this nursery. We have... had very few issues with the trees themselves and the customer service here is top notch.The gentlemen who help take the tree to our car and tie it down are always very kind and professional. They do a great job every time. We haven't had any issues with the trees sliding around on the car and they have never caused any damage to our cars.The customer service has always been very professional as well. They are considerate people who always make sure we are happy with our trees.The only issue we had was the first tree we purchased from them. It did dry out a little quicker than we had planned but luckily it was very close to Christmas, so it was no problem. They have a good selection of trees and carry everything from little tiny two foot trees to enormous 10 foot plus trees.I highly recommend this nursery, not only for Christmas trees, but also for gardening all year long. The staff is always knowledgeable and great to work more
Ryan Haroldsen
Ryan Haroldsen
06:20 15 Nov 20
Definitely the best place I've ever worked. All the people here are great and it's great visiting.... No other place with such friendly employees. All in all, this is absolutely the place to go if you are in need of more
Tenzin Lhanzey
Tenzin Lhanzey
00:18 03 Nov 20
I love this nursery. Stopped by today to pick up a tree from there. Ryan was very helpful with... picking the right tree for our backyard. Thank you!!read more
Tanya Hales
Tanya Hales
20:05 22 Sep 20
We've loved the trees we've bought here. We are looking at other plants and water features now. The... selection is more
Jaana Bess
Jaana Bess
20:30 18 Sep 20
Ask for McKayla she knows evwrything about trees amd she is super nice.
Lyle Odendahl
Lyle Odendahl
15:10 14 Sep 20
This is a great local nursery. When you are ready to get better service and products than you can... find at the big box stores, great over to Glover. You'll find better service, better expertise, and surprisingly competitive prices. The plants are localized to our climate, instead of the Bonnie brand that everybody else sells and who knows where are grown. You'll find a large selection of fruit and ornamental trees, bulk soil amendments (bagged too), bedding plants, and the great variety of goods you'd expect to find at a large local nursery. I'm glad a rediscovered this nursery after Western Gardens closed our local more
Jace Copier
Jace Copier
20:12 08 Sep 20
Beautiful layout, friendly employees with vast knowledge about plants and gardening. I love this... place!read more
Nathan Harris
Nathan Harris
13:38 08 Sep 20
They didn't have Marijuana, no weed!
Andra Meyer
Andra Meyer
15:33 07 Sep 20
They have the largest and best selection of plants! I drive from Lehi because there’s nothing that... compares anywhere more
Nate Brown
Nate Brown
02:29 06 Sep 20
Huge selection. This place goes on forever!
Randy Jarvis
Randy Jarvis
22:00 02 Sep 20
Great selection of all your gardening Landscaping needs. Friendly staff always willing to help
Anfaney Gladwin
Anfaney Gladwin
17:39 02 Sep 20
They have a decent selection of things you can buy at any other garden center at a slightly... inflated price. They are starting to carry more hard to find items. I wish they would carry more native/drought resistant more
Jim young
Jim young
14:05 01 Sep 20
Found employees to be very helpful, they have a plant selection wider and better than most, if you... are looking for a unique company that offers all the experience and materials with great service check them out, oh they even help you out to your vehicle with your purchase..old school service done right!read more
Jeremy Schow
Jeremy Schow
23:45 29 Aug 20
Best nursery in the valley! Seriously beautiful with many different plant species, it's a must see!
Amber Shaw
Amber Shaw
17:03 03 Aug 20
We've been to many garden centers over the years and BY FAR Glover is the best around. Everything... we've purchased from them has been high quality and has done very well in our garden. We've also used their delivery services and well as their planting services- both of which were wonderful! They arrive on time and the work is done very professionally. They also have staff that are very knowledgable about the plants and products they sell, which is something other nurseries are seriously lacking with their employees, so that's something I appreciate! All of our purchases from trees, to flowers to veggies have always done great, I couldn't rave about them more!read more
Christopher Colling
Christopher Colling
18:49 29 Jul 20
Absolutely outstanding service! Val & McKayla were extremely helpful, going above & beyond to take... care of me today. I am a landscape contractor & I appreciate being taken care of so well. Wholesale or retail, I recommend Glover Nursery! 10/ more
Joan Dorney
Joan Dorney
01:43 28 Jul 20
They are fantastic to deal with. Very courteous and friendly. Went out of their way to help us get... our Japanese Pagodaread more
Garrett Marshall
Garrett Marshall
00:44 14 Jul 20
My girlfriend and I decided as first time plant buyers to make this the first nursery we visited in... our quest to find the perfect ensemble of pet safe, shade friendly, and easy to maintain plants because of the rave reviews Glover's has (which I spent an hour reading through simply because they were pleasant to read). Rett kindly greeted us within about 2 minutes of us starting to browse the rows and rows of plants. He asked what we were looking for. We explained and he quickly pointed us to which spots of the nursery would have plants fitting our criteria. He taught us where to look to find plant information which was very helpful to us newbies. He provided wise words: to start small with our plants and to grow our garden as we became more comfortable with our green thumbs. He answered every question we had with knowledge and the occasional--and very welcomed--joke! We will always come back to Glover's after this amazing experience on our very first visit. Thanks Glover's and thanks Rett!read more
Clifford Sackett
Clifford Sackett
16:21 03 Jul 20
They have some native plants that you can't find anywhere else. And a good selection of trees
Rhiannon L
Rhiannon L
01:02 01 Jul 20
This is my preferred nursery. There are so many people who offer tips and advice and you can return... stuff and get your money back. There are so many options of different plants too! I was looking for bushes and OMG -- so many varieties. Worth the trip across the valley to visit Glover' more
Kat Child
Kat Child
16:42 01 Jun 20
I love this nursery SO much. Every time I come here the staff is friendly and helpful and if they... don’t know the answer, they find someone who does. I will only purchase my plants from Glover, they absolutely thrive! And their soil is incredible! Not to mention it’s good for the soul to just walk around and take in how gorgeous this place is. Thank you Glover Nursery!!!read more
Steve Hanson
Steve Hanson
22:44 23 Apr 20
This is a good place to go for some of your less-common trees. Great variety. Knowledgeable staff.... And beautiful more
Matt Connors
Matt Connors
17:04 23 Apr 20
Incredible selection. A sales rep. named Lynn was incredibly helpful to me and took an hour to... listen to what I wanted, present options, and seemed very knowledgeable. He even made sure everything was loaded properly and protected from wind during transport. I appreciated this because it's such a busy time for them! I'll definitely be back and thank you, Lynn!read more
Alexandra McCauley
Alexandra McCauley
04:37 29 Sep 18
My first time visiting, and I had a great time! The staff was nice, very attentive, and willing to... answer all of my questions!! I LOVE the plants we got! 🌼🌼 I can't wait to go back!read more
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