Oct 2016 Newsletter

Oh, autumn.  The glorious time of year when we are surrounded by a sea of reds, golds and greens as trees and shrubs prepare themselves for winter.

We love this time of year so much here at Glover Nursery.  The cool, crisp air makes finishing all those garden projects even more appealing.  And, knowing we’ll have it all in place, ready to enjoy next year doesn’t hurt either.

These fall colors are incredible, and we have them all on site and on sale now.  It’s a great time to plant and get those roots established so they are ready to thrive next season.  We even bring in new stock specifically for this time of year because we want to make sure you all have the best selection possible as you finalize your designs.  The colors are amazing, and we love helping everyone find the exact right fit for their yard.

For specific sale items, come down and see us or check out our latest newsletter, everything is listed here.

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