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Christmas Tree Season

Green & Flocked Trees, Wreaths, Poinsettias, Garland & More

$25 Delivery Special in the Salt Lake Valley:

– Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm
– Any tree up to 8′ tall*
– WiltPruf spray treatment included
– Fresh cut made upon delivery at your home
– Tree bag available ($5 fee for green trees, bag is included with flocked trees)

*For larger trees, we can deliver but the fee is higher, call for details.
**Due to Covid restrictions, we are not able to bring the tree into your home.

Click here to submit a delivery request order, we will call you to confirm details and place final order.

Please note, tree prices listed below are subject to change.

Noble Fir

Noble Fir branches are evenly spaced and have needles that are roughly 4-sided (similar to spruce), over 1 inch long, bluish-green and are generally twisted upward so that the lower surface of branches are exposed.

Available sizes and pricing:

Premium Green

2-3′ $24.99
3-4′ $34.99 to $39.99
4-5′ $54.99 to $59.99
5-6′ $64.99 to $74.99
6-7′ $84.99 to $94.99
7-8′ $99.99 to $119.999
8-9′ $139.99 to $149.99
9-10′ $174.99 – $189.99
10-11′ $224.99 – $249.99

Pre-Flocked Premium

4-5′ $74.99
5-6′ $99.99
6-7′ $124.99
7-8′ $149.99
8-9′ $189.99
Others Custom only

Classic Green

5-6′ $49.99 to $59.99
6-7′ $69.99 to $79.99
7-8′ $79.99 to $89.99

Douglas Fir

Douglas fir has soft needles that are dark green – blue green in color and are approximately 1 – 1 ½ in. in length. The Douglas fir needles radiate in all directions from the branch. When crushed, these needles have a sweet fragrance. They are one of the top major Christmas tree species in the U.S.

Available sizes and pricing:

5-6′ $44.99
6-7′ $49.99
7-8′ $59.99
8-9′ $69.99 to $79.99


5-6′ $69.99
6-7′ $84.99
7-8′ $99.99
8-9′ $149.99


Nordmann Fir

Nordmann Fir have lush, full, rich dark green, glossy foliage with needles a little over an inch long, and grow from symmetrically arranged branches. The branches are very strong, perfect for displaying special or heavy ornaments. The needles are longer and softer than those of other Christmas tree varieties.

Available sizes and pricing:

5-6′ $64.99 to $74.99
6-7′ $99.99 to $114.99
7-8′ $99.99 to $119.99
8-9′ $139.99 to $149.99
9-10′ $174.99 to $189.99
10-11′ $224.99 to $249.99


5-6′ $99.99
6-7′ $124.99
7-8′ $149.99
Others Custom only

Grand Fir

Grand fir has a glossy dark green color with needles that are 1-2″ long. The needles and branches are soft to the touch and not particularly firm, best for a more natural look without heavier ornaments. Grand fir trees are also known for their delicious fragrance, which is a combination of the traditional “Christmas tree scent” and an orange-like scent. These days, many people turn to the Grand fir to scent their home throughout their holidays.

Available sizes and pricing:

5-6′ $49.99
6-7′ $59.99
7-8′ $79.99
8-9′ $99.99


5-6′ $74.99
6-7′ $94.99
7-8′ $124.99
8-9′ custom only


Alpine Fir

Alpine Fir is a popular Christmas tree with nicely spaced branches.  The spacing between branches is ideal for showcasing your favorite ornaments, a perfect tree for ornament collectors.

All pricing on Alpine Fir is done individually, please visit us for details.

Flocked Trees

Choose from our selection of ready-flocked trees, or select a green tree to be custom flocked.

Custom Flock pricing:
$8 per foot up to 6′
$10 per foot up to 10′
Over 10′ and/or other customization are possible, but pricing will need to be quoted by manager at the store based on the unique request.

Live Trees

We have a large variety of live trees available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Come see us for details on sizing and pricing.



Bright and colorful, poinsettias with the Christmas season. They provide you with a wealth of opportunities for holiday decorating.

Colors available:
Ice Punch (variegated Red and White)
Glitter (Red with White sparkles)

Available sizes and pricing:

4″ $4.99
6.5″ $9.99
8″ $24.99

Cedar Garland

Mixed Garland

Fresh Garland is available by the foot.  Our garlands are made from either Cedar or mixed Cedar & Noble boughs.  These garlands will fill your home with holiday aromas and be a beautiful addition to your decor.

Cedar Garland – $2 per foot
Mixed Garland – $3.50 per foot

Circular Wreaths

Handcrafted premium quality Christmas wreaths are constructed on sturdy wire frames using the freshest boughs for maximum longevity.

Ring Size: Finished Diameter: Price:
12″ 22″ $19.99
16″ 28″ $24.99
20″ 32″ $36.99
36″ 44″ $69.99

Star Wreaths

Snowflake wreaths are a fun way to change up the traditional circular shape without losing that eye-catching quality (or yummy holiday aromas).

One size – 30″ diameter – $44.99

Candy Cane Wreaths

Candy Cane shaped wreaths are a fun way to amp up the holiday decor.  Wrap with a peppermint striped bow for some added pizzaz.  Or, adorn with real candy canes – always a huge hit with the kids!

One size $21.99

Door Swags

Handcrafted Door Swags are constructed on sturdy wire frames using the freshest boughs for maximum keepability.  If you are looking for something unique, this is a beautiful option.

One size – 16″ x 22″ – $24.99

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