Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Creating a backyard wildlife habitat creates a sanctuary and is a rewarding and impactful way for individuals to help restore balance.

Attracting Native Bees

Utah is home to 900 amazing and diverse native bees. They are proficient and essential pollinators. Compared to honey bees, native bees are better at pollinating apple, squash, melon, tomatoes and native plants. Unfortunately, native bee populations are in decline due in part to habitat loss and pesticide use. You can make a difference by supporting a native bee population right in your own backyard.

Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden

Why create a butterfly garden? Other than the obvious reason that butterflies are beautiful and their flight seems to bring a little magic everywhere they go. Butterflies are losing their natural habitat due to urbanization, deforestation and agriculture. You and your family can help by creating a butterfly sanctuary in your own backyard.
Dormant Spray

Dormant Spray, Part 1

Winter is nearly over. Here at Glover Nursery we are getting ready to begin our spring gardens. One of the best ways to prepare for spring is to use Dormant Spray on your garden. Dormant Spray is a generic term for sprays used on trees and shrubs during the fall or winter when plants are fully or partly dormant (resting).
Monarch (Danaus plexippus)

Butterflies Around The Wasatch Front

In honor of our 2nd Annual Father's Day Butterfly Release, here are some facts about the butterflies and moths that frequent the Wasatch Front area.