Benefits of Shade

The Many Benefits of Shade

I’m sure we don’t have to tell you that shade trees are an important part of your landscape. The summer months can be almost unbearable outside but a shade tree can turn a hot backyard into a cool oasis. Our landscape experts can help you pick the perfect tree for your space.

Low Maintenance Perennials

We've got an easy solution to give your summer garden an instant update. Here's a list of low maintenance perennials for your yard. Easy to plant and easy to take care of.

Glover Christmas Trees

For generations, the Glover family has been selling Christmas trees as part of our family tradition. We love helping other families find a tree for their home. It is such fun to see the familiar faces light up each year when “the perfect” tree is found. We appreciate the many customers who return year after year to visit with us and get their tree. One question we are often asked is "Where do the trees come from"?