watering your new plants

Watering 101: How to Water Your New Plants

Water your new plants with extra care and you'll set them up to grow healthy and use less water over time. Learn how to properly water new plants with tips from Glover Nursery.

Planting a Tree 101

You bought the perfect tree. It's now home and you've found the exact spot for it. And now…….how the heck do you plant this thing?
planting in the fall

Best Utah Garden Contest

Enter your yard in our "Best Utah Garden Contest" by September 15, 2019.

How to Plant in the Heat

Are you considering planting in the heat? Ryan Glover shares his top 5 tips for planting trees and shrubs successfully right now.

Gems of the Season

We can, and do, go on and on about the many wonderful ways to garden.  Though spring gets the most attention for it's blooms and greenery, Fall is not to be overlooked.