Planting Services

General Planting Information

  • There is a $200 minimum purchase for any installations
  • We do not offer installation for materials purchased with a Wholesale account
  • Columnar Spruce, Juniper, and Arborvitae will be charged the gallon pot size installation fee.

Sprinkler Lines

  • Sprinkler lines are difficult to predict where and at what depth they run throughout your yard. We are very careful to not damage any lines but occasionally breaks do occur. Our installers are trained on how to properly repair broken lines and we repair any lines damaged during installations.
  • In the event sprinkler lines run through the planting area the easiest solution is for the plants to be moved to either side where a proper hole can be dug. Unfortunately we are not able to reroute existing sprinklers or any other buried lines.

Recently Removed Trees / Stump Grinding

  • When an old tree is removed, the stump is usually mechanically removed by ‘grinding’. Glover Nursery highly recommends not planting trees directly where a tree was recently removed. The ‘white’ wood shavings which are leftover after a tree removal are not good for new trees because they prevent the new tree from receiving proper nutrients.
  • In these circumstances the best solution is to install the tree or shrub 3 to 6 feet away from the old stump to ensure proper rooting and growth.

Hills, Steps, Walls, and Obstructions

  • Our Delivery and Installation professionals are trained to properly move large trees around your property and are great at finding solutions to get the job done. However, the best way to ensure we are prepared for these situations is to have our customers inform us so we can properly plan for your installation.
  • Please inform your associate of any possible obstacles between where our truck will be parked to the desired location of each product to be installed on your property.

Tree Staking

  • Tree staking is not included in the price of installation. Tree staking is an additional $35.00 per tree and includes everything needed in the staking process.
2017 Planting Charges
Plant SizeInstallation PriceConifer HeightInstallation Price
#15$80.0010’+BID $275 min
1″ Caliper$55.00
1.25″ Caliper$55.00
1.5″ Caliper$80.00
1.75″ Caliper$130.00
2″ Caliper$160.00
2.25″ Caliper$180.00
2.5″ Caliper$200.00
2.75″ Caliper$220.00
3″ Caliper$250.00
3″+ CaliperBID $275.00 min