Root Power! Why Fall is the season to start planting your perennials.

The Advantages of Planting Perennials in the Fall

There’s a (not very well kept) secret among gardeners that Fall is the time to take advantage of rooting power. Planting perennials in Utah in the fall is not only fun, it’s smart. During this season your plants are instinctually switching their energy focus from producing leaves and flowers to growing strong roots. 

Fall is the best time to focus on the establishment of new plants for lusher, stronger plants come spring.  This is why planting a perennial garden in Utah during this time is, surprisingly, advisable.

Fast facts and tips about planting perennials during the Fall

1. Timing it right

Perennial gardening in Utah should be started and installed about six weeks before the soil begins to solidly freeze.

The general idea is to plant earlier, if possible since this will give the roots more time to be established.

Adding mulch around the new plants will help to retain heat in the soil, giving more time for those roots to keep growing.

2. Don’t freak over frost

Frost can seem like a challenge when planting during the fall, but in reality, it doesn’t pose that big of a threat to the root system.

While frost can hinder the growth of a new plant above ground, it won’t affect the root’s continued growth. And since we’re planting perennials in the garden, they won’t be focused on growing leaves now anyway. The roots are where it’s at and they are going to continuously grow until the soil solidly freezes. 

You can’t stop the roots!

3. Watering Your Perennials

Before starting to plant perennials, make sure to water them thoroughly. This will let the roots soak up as much water as they can.

Since the Fall season means shorter days and the sun will be at a lower angle, plants will generally need less watering. Once or twice per week should be enough until the soil freezes.

This is for perennial plants only. We love the Utah Water Conservation watering guide for general tips. 

For watering tips for new shrubs and trees see our article, Watering 101: How to water your new plants here.

A new planting season

We encourage you to be of a spring mindset in the fall.

Whether you are adding to an existing garden, or planning for a new one, Fall is the perfect time to plant. We hope you enjoy this “new” planting season and take advantage of the rooting power.

We’re open Monday through Saturday, 8 AM – 5:45 PM. Happy gardening!

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