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Glover Grown Veggies

Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers, Squash, & More

We have been busy growing a large selection nursery-grown vegetable plants for your garden at Glover Nursery.  When the weather is right for planting your garden, our Glover-Grown veggies will be ready for you.

Come in and see our Vegetable Grower specialists.  They have been growing veggies for you and can answer your questions about all the varieties we carry.

Note: Not all varieties are guaranteed to be in stock at any given time

Heirloom Tomato Varieties


•Abe Lincoln, •Amana Orange, •Aunt Ruby German Green, •Black Cherry, •Black from Tula, •Black Krim, •Black Pineapple, •Black Plum Paste, •Black Russian, •Black Truffle, •Blondkopfchen, •Bloody Butcher, •Blush, •Cherokee Purple, •Constanto Fiorentino, •Delicious, •Elberta Peach, •Flame, •Glacier, •Golden Jubilee, •Heinz, •Hillbilly, •Italian, •Kellogg’s Breakfast, •Mexico Midget, •Mortgage Lifter, •Oxheart Orange, •Mr. Stripey, •San Marzano, •Siletz, •Sugarlump, •Taxi, •Watermelon Beefsteak

Hybrid Tomato Varieties


•Basketvee (Patio Grower), •Better Boy VFN, •Big Beef, •Big Zak, •Celebrity VFNT, •Cherryfalls, •Cupid, •Double Rich, •Early Choice, •First Lady, •Goliath Sunny, •Homeslice, •Ice, •Jet Star, •La Roma II VF, •Orange Queen, •Sungold, •Supersonic, •Sweet Baby Girl, •Sweetie Seedless

Bell Pepper Varieties

bell peppers

•Autumn Bell, •Big Green, •Blushing Beauty, •Big Red, •Corno Di Toro, •Diamond, •Fat & Sassy, •Golden Bell, •Orange Sun, •King of the North, •Red Bell, •Sweet Bell Rainbow Mix, •Whopper

Hot Pepper Varieties

hot peppers

•Bird’s Beak, •Cherry Bomb (Patio Grower), •Cheyenne Orange, •Chili (Patio Grower), •Devil’s Tongue, •Emerald Fire, •Hot Anaheim, •Hot Bhut Jolokia (Ghost), •Hot Inferno, •Hot Jalapeno Early, •Ring of Fire, •Serrano del Sol

Cucumber Varieties


•Backyard Pickler, •Bushy (Patio Grower), •Garden Sweet Burpless, •General Lee, •Green Dragon, •Patio Snacker (Patio Grower), •Slice Master, •Slicing Diva, •Slicing Straight Eight, •Sweeter Yet, •Sweet Slice, •Very Cool (Patio Grower), •White Wonder (Very Heat Tolerant)

Melon Varieties


Cantaloupe: • Banana Heirloom, •Early Delicious 51, •Fastbreak, •Halona, •Superstar (Northern Climate Grower)

Summer Squash Varieties


• Zucchini Aristocrat, •Zucchini Black Beauty, •Zucchini Buckingham (Patio Grower), •Cocozelle (Patio Grower), •Cube of Butter, •Zucchini Eight Ball, •Multipik (Patio Grower), •Spacemiser Zucchini (Patio Grower), •Zucchini Elite (Extra Early), •Zucchini Patio Golden (Patio Edible)

Winter Squash Varieties

Winter Squash

•Bush Delicata, •Butternut, •Pink Banana, •Spaghetti, •Sweet Mama, •Sweet Meat,
Heirloom:  •Cream of the Crop, •Sweet Dumpling, •Waltham

Gourd Varieties


•Birdhouse, •Caveman’s Club, •Martinhouse, •Winged Mixm

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