Fresh Christmas Trees are Here!

We have an excellent selection of Christmas trees, flocked trees, live trees, wreaths, garland and more!

A few quick tips for keeping your tree in its best possible condition:

  • Spray the tree with Wilt-Pruf to preserve freshness (we do this for you as part of our service).
  • Apply a 1/2” fresh cut to the base of the tree to allow the tree to take up water (we do this part as well).
  • Place tree in water shortly after the cut has been made, ideally no more than 30 minutes.
  • Make sure any heating vent near the tree is shut.
  • NEVER allow your tree stand to run out of water.

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For generations, the Glover family has been selling Christmas trees as part of our family tradition – we love helping other families find a tree for their home, it is such fun to see the familiar faces light up each year when “the perfect” tree is found. One question we get often is where do the trees come from? It’s a great question as the industry has changed significantly from the days of forest harvesting. So, we wanted to share some of what it takes to get the high-quality trees we sell, as they are specifically grown to be enjoyed in your home throughout the holiday season. Also (because we just can’t help ourselves), a few tips on caring for the tree you select.

Have you ever wondered how the yearly Christmas tree you select ends up on our lot and in your house? It is through a network of hard working people that take great pride in what they do. Our Christmas trees are grown on dedicated Christmas tree farms in the Willamette Valley which is known for its rich soil and excellent farming communities. On the tree farms, with proper care and maintenance, trees will grow an average of one foot per season. A 6 to 8-foot tree can take 6 to 10 years before it is ready to harvest, the timeline depends on yearly growing conditions (i.e. rainfall, temperature, etc). However, it takes more than rain to help the trees thrive; they must be pruned to keep the correct shape, fertilized to keep them strong, and monitored to avoid pests or disease. It’s hard work, and the farmers we work with are the best in the business.

Each August I begin the yearly search to find the most beautiful trees for the upcoming season. Accompanied by our local vendors, I drive from farm to farm looking at quality, color, shape, variety and make notes of which pass my highly selective appraisal. I make one more trip in the fall to see how the remainder of the growing season progressed, and to get a better idea of what sizes and quantities of trees will be available for harvests. Just as my dad did before me, I personally select the farms, and often even specific trees, that you see in our lot each season. Because Christmas trees require long-term planning, is important to visit the farms yearly to know what will be the future trees for the next 2 to 5 seasons.

When it’s time to cut the trees, the farmers wrap them up tight to avoid damaging those beautiful branches they’ve cared for and crafted over the years. Then, they cut them quickly and stack them securely on trucks which are immediately shipped to our store. We unload them, unwrap them, and get them on stands so they are available for sale the day after Thanksgiving. It’s a long process, one that requires dedication and some foresight into what the industry will require years in advance. But, it is also one that brings so much joy to the festive holiday season, we just love being part of it all.
I hope that helps take some of the mystery out of the Christmas Tree growing and harvesting process. And, as always, if you have any questions we are always here to help! We look forward to seeing you on our lot very soon for your own Glover Nursery Christmas Tree.

Ryan Glover

9275 South 1300 West

P.S. If you miss us on Black Friday, don’t forget to check us out on Small Business Saturday! We are here from 9-8 Monday through Saturday, and 10-5 Sunday through Christmas Eve.

Ryan Glover scouting Christmas Trees

Ryan Glover scouting Christmas Trees

Ryan Glover scouting Christmas Trees