A Tour of Our Bulk Products with Ryan Glover

Take a tour with Ryan Glover through our Bulk Product department at Glover Nursery. You can see we have a huge variety of rock, bark, mulch, sand, and more to help your landscape projects.  These products do change throughout the season, so click here to see what is available now.

A couple of highlights include our Glover Top Soil which is our custom blend available both in bulk and in bags. It has the best ingredients in a top soil blend that we carry and you can plant directly into it. It’s great for raised garden beds and flower beds.

Another popular product is our River Cobble. It’s one of our most popular rocks. They are attractive, smooth, and super versatile. You can use them for landscaping, park strips, water features, and more!

If you're looking to create a safe play area in the yard for your kids or grandkids, Playground Chips or Play Sand are both great options. For a swing or slide play area, lay out Playground Chips. They are soft and will cushion the falls that are bound to happen. Play Sand is perfect for a playground box or sandbox. 

One we like to highlight is Nutrimulch, it is a very popular Utah sourced product. It contains a blend of composted turkey manure and bark mulch which provides many nutrients to help your gardens thrive.

 You can pick up our bulk products onsite with your truck or trailer, or if you would prefer delivery, click here. Either way, we're here to help you make the most of your garden.


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